BANGKOK (NNT) – The subcommittee on central region development policy has convened to consider the latest development plans, aimed at making the central region and Bangkok metropolis the country’s hub for high-value manufacturing and services, while promoting economic and social connectivity.

Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has presided over a meeting of the central region’s development policy subcommittee, where members discussed the modernization plan for Bangkok metropolis, and the development plan for the central region to become the country’s hub for high-value manufacturing and services.

The plans considered in this meeting, consisted of six different topics, starting with the development of Bangkok into a world-class metropolis while improving the residents’ quality of life and tackling the urban environment issues.

The second topic in this plan involves the development of the world-famous tourism attractions in the region, and the promotion of intra-regional tourism.

The third topic is an upgrade of the agriculture and industrial sectors with technology, innovations, and creativity, to promote competitiveness and sustainability.

The fourth topic is water and natural resources management to address the drought and flooding disasters, while promoting the sustainable balance of the ecosystem, followed by the fifth topic on the promotion of trade, investment, and tourism connectivity between the central region and Dawei Special Economic Zone to the west, and the Eastern Economic Corridor in the east.

The sixth and final topic on this plan is the promotion of economic and social connectivity with all other regions to help promote stability and reduce inequalities.

Gen Prawit on this occasion urged related agencies to help regulate these plans to proceed accordingly, in order to realize the objectives.

Outcomes from this meeting will be summarized and proposed to the regional development subcommittee for further action.

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