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IEI Announces Groundbreaking e-Paper Display Solution for Sustainable Communication

NEW TAIPEI CITY, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — IEI Integration Corp. (TAIEX 3022) proudly presents the Peach-E73 ePaper display, a 7.3-inch 4-color e-Paper display, revolutionizing visual communication with sustainability in mind. This energy-efficient display features low power consumption for continuous operation without straining wired energy sources, promoting sustainability, reducing operational costs through a comprehensive ePaper device control platform. Whether under glaring sunlight or from varying viewing angles, the Peach-E73 guarantees optimal readability, thanks to its advanced engineering. 

IEI Peach-E73 e-paper display is designed to unleash the power of green technology, offering not only energy efficiency but also seamless integration with innovative management tools.

Seamless Remote Management and Content Management 

The Peach-E73 features IEI’s advanced Remote Management Platforms for enhanced system monitoring, control, and content management. IEI Remote Management (iRM) facilitates instant content updates across all connected displays through a user-friendly interface, while IdeaRoomX allows you to create and manage your ePaper templates and content with ease from the web console. This remote functionality reduces the need for manual intervention, cutting maintenance costs and minimizing downtime to optimize efficiency. 

Easy Maintenance with AAA Batteries 

Our displays are compatible with readily available AAA batteries, offering hassle-free replacement without the inconvenience of waiting for ePaper to recharge. By opting for AAA rechargeable batteries, users not only benefit from uninterrupted usage but also contribute to minimizing environmental footprint. This commitment to sustainability is further reinforced by our support for established recycling infrastructure. 

Versatile Power Options 

The Peach-E73 offers both AAA battery and USB Type-C port power options, accommodating individual preferences and environmental considerations. This versatile approach reflects our dedication to eco-conscious technology and user convenience. 

Flexible Integration across Various Environments 

IEI’s Peach-E73 excels in diverse scenarios, meeting the demands of forward-looking enterprises and industries for tasks like inventory management and product line information. With added din-rail mount support, its versatility shines, effortlessly integrating into industrial settings and expanding its utility across diverse industries. 

Empowering Visual Impact: Reinventing Communication 

Enhance your visual communications with IEI’s ePaper solution, which offers dynamic information in a format traditional printing paper sheets cannot match. Elevate your messaging with the versatility and impact of ePaper technology. 

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Source : IEI Announces Groundbreaking e-Paper Display Solution for Sustainable Communication


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