Thursday, August 17, 2017

Growing Cyber Activism in Thailand

Cyber activism is a useful complement to other forms of activism but not as a decisive game changer for Thailand's corrosive political divide. Source link...

Protecting American Primacy in the Indo-Pacific

Because the Indo-Pacific region promises to become the new center of gravity in global politics, its security problems intimately affect the safety, prosperity, and...

Democracy Is Not Dying

The state of democracy around the world is very troubled, but it is not uniformly dire, especially outside the West. Source link

Global Civic Activism in Flux

Case studies from eight countries show how civic activism across the world is evolving and reveal crosscutting themes relevant to the future of civil...

Choppy Waters, Unsure Navigator

As the largest economy and biggest military power, it is largely up to India to shape the future of Indian Ocean regionalism. Source link

Nuclear Weapon States and the Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone

As the nuclear weapon states face increasing international pressure to make new progress on disarmament, signing and ratifying a treaty for a nuclear free...

Managing Asia's Security Threats in the Trump Era

The new administration should think carefully before moving forward with recent proposals about China and the U.S. role in Asia. Source link

Southeast Asia, the Redback, and Reality

As China continues to grow, reform, invest abroad, and integrate with the global financial system, it is almost inevitable that one day the RMB...