Saturday, July 20, 2024

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SEC starts public hearing on prohibiting digital assets as means of payment

Here is a summary of the content in 30 words: The SEC is seeking public feedback on proposed rule changes to allow digital assets as payment...

Beyond hardships in 2024 Thai economy faces long-term challenges

Thailand faces long-term economic challenges and a slow-growing workforce, exacerbated by an aging population. Calls for fiscal and political reforms to avoid a lost...


TAT welcomes Laotian tourists on a trial train from Vientiane to Bangkok

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) launches a trial...

Thailand’s Special Economic Zones (SEZs) contribute to growth and attract investment

Thai government develops SEZs in 10 regions for economic growth and private investment. Over 51 billion baht invested, 7700 SMEs established and infrastructure projects underway for further development.


Here are a few alternative title options: 1. “The Rise of China: How the Nation Dominated the Southeast Asia Electric Vehicle Market” 2. “China’s EV Empire:...

Here is a summary of the content in 90 Chinese characters: Translation: "Chinese electric vehicles dominate Southeast Asia, accounting for 53% of global market, with low prices and advanced technology, and expanding production facilities in the region."

House to debate supplementary budget for digital wallet on Wednesday

House of Representatives will debate a proposed 122 billion baht supplementary budget for a digital wallet scheme on...



China’s Economic Challenges During Xi Jinping’s Tenure

China's economic challenges include a struggling real estate sector and a shift towards high-tech industries. President Xi Jinping's focus on national security...



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