Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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TAT Showcases Tourism Offerings at SATTE 2024

TAT promotes Thailand's tourism offerings at SATTE 2024, highlighting attractions and activities to attract travelers and showcase the country as a must-visit destination.

Economic Outlook for Singapore in 2024

Singapore expects 1-3% GDP growth in 2024, focusing on economic diversification, innovation, and sustainability. Most sectors grew in 2023.


thai to acquire 45 boeing 787 dreamliners with option for 80 more

Thai Airways International has ordered 45 Boeing 787 Dreamliner...

mai welcomes smart door and wall supplier “PANEL” on Feb 22

Abstract PanelesMatic Solutions pcl will be listed on mai under...



Thai inflation hits 35 months low in Jan. 2024

January 2024 saw the fourth consecutive month of decreasing inflation, with prices in many categories declining. The Trade Policy and Strategy Office reported the lowest inflation rate in 35 months.


Thailand is teaming up with Google to promote digital technology

The Royal Thai Government and Google are collaborating to boost Thailand's digital competitiveness and accelerate AI innovation, focusing on cloud technology, infrastructure,...



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