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Navigating Southeast Asia: Maximizing Market Entry Success Through Multi-Country Benchmarking

Investors should use benchmarking to identify optimal Southeast Asian markets. The region's digital boom, sustainable technologies, and manufacturing prowess offer great potential. However, political...

Is Thailand facing an overtourism crisis ?

Thailand is grappling with overtourism, causing environmental degradation, local culture erosion, and infrastructure strain, prompting calls for sustainable tourism practices. Thailand's Overtourism Concerns Thailand, renowned for...

Singapore-China Bilateral Relations: Trade and Investment Outlook

Singapore and China's trade and investment relationship is evolving with enduring cooperation and emerging challenges. They have long-standing diplomatic ties and work towards enhancing bilateral collaboration through agreements and initiatives.

Forecasting Trade and Investment in the Bilateral Relations between Singapore and China

Singapore and China's evolving trade relationship showcases enduring cooperation and new challenges, impacting Asia's geopolitical landscape. The recent Singapore-China Economic Partnership Conference strengthened ties with three MOUs.

“Ignite Thailand” vision pushes for greater development of 55 second-tier tourist provinces

"Ignite Thailand" aims to boost development in 55 secondary tourist provinces, enhancing their attractions and infrastructure for increased tourism and economic growth. H2: Ignite Thailand's...

Thailand BOI Approves Investment Worth USD1.54 billion in Biochemicals, Data Centers, and Hospital

Thailand's Board of Investment approved $1.54 billion worth of projects, including a bio-ethylene plant, data centers, power plants, and a hospital, to boost economic growth and environmental protection.

Uncovering the Role of Chinese Criminal Networks in Amplifying Transnational Illegal Activities across Southeast Asia Or Examining the Impact of China’s Organized Crime Syndicates on the...

Transnational crime groups from China, operating in Southeast Asia, pose a significant threat to global security through illegal online gambling, scams, and corruption, stealing around $64 billion annually. Their ties with state actors and exploitation of weak governance exacerbate the issue.

World Bank cuts GDP growth forecast for Thailand to 2.4%

The World Bank and UOB have lowered Thailand's 2024 GDP growth forecast to 2.4%, with a Thai business group predicting even lower at 2.2%-2.7%....

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