Monday, February 26, 2024

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TAT Showcases Tourism Offerings at SATTE 2024

TAT promotes Thailand's tourism offerings at SATTE 2024, highlighting attractions and activities to attract travelers and showcase the country as a must-visit destination.

Singapore Budget 2024: A Strategic Blueprint for Business Growth and Sustainability

Singapore's Budget 2024 focuses on economic resilience, sustainable development, and workforce enhancement with SkillsFuture and Enterprise Financing Scheme improvements.

Economic Outlook for Singapore in 2024

Singapore expects 1-3% GDP growth in 2024, focusing on economic diversification, innovation, and sustainability. Most sectors grew in 2023.

Thailand’s 2023 GDP Disappoints: 1.9% Growth Falls Short of Expectations

Thailand's economy grew 1.9% in 2023, lower than expected. 2024 forecast cut to 2.2%-3.2% due to weak exports, geopolitical risks. Possible interest rate cut.

Thailand Considers Same-Sex Marriage Bill with Potential Economic Boost in Focus

Thailand prepares to legalize same-sex marriage, opening potential for tourism boost, economic growth, and global reputation. Opposition remains.

Thai Exports slightly contracted in 2023 but poised for recovery in 2024

Thai exports showed recovery in Dec 2023, with a 4.7%YOY increase but uncertainty remains. Expecting 3.7% growth in 2024, with potential risks from global supply chain disruptions. Exported USD 22,791.6 million in Dec 2023, with gold exports contributing significantly. Exports to Europe contracted, but imports decreased, resulting in a trade surplus of USD 972.8 million. SCB EIC predicts further export recovery in 2024, driven by improving global trade volume and support from public and private sectors.

Thai inflation hits 35 months low in Jan. 2024

January 2024 saw the fourth consecutive month of decreasing inflation, with prices in many categories declining. The Trade Policy and Strategy Office reported the lowest inflation rate in 35 months.

Challenges awaiting the Thai labor market in the digital age

Thailand's labor market faces challenges in adapting to the digital revolution, with structural weaknesses and declining productivity and wages. The country can learn from Singapore's focus on workforce skills and lifelong learning. The COVID-19 crisis has affected labor productivity, wages, and work distribution, emphasizing the importance of digital skill development and readiness for the future. Thailand's progress in digital competitiveness is improving but still lags behind in certain areas.

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