BANGKOK (NNT) – Tomorrow, the cabinet is going to finalize the payment of 3,500 baht in individual financial support, to help relieve the difficulties at present faced by the public. However, some fraudsters have already launched fake applications to steal personal information from those who fall for the ruse.

Ministry of Finance Spokesperson, Kullaya Tantitaemitr, today warned the public about the fraud, saying that these phony applications are not related to any of the government’s policies. She also suggested that before forwarding social media reports, users should be careful and check if they are fraudulent.

Anyone taking advantage of people who believe false claims will be punished in accordance with the law.

According to the spokesperson, the cabinet will tomorrow finalize the 3,500 baht support payments for two months, known as the “Rao Chana” or “We win” project. Members of the public can read reliable information on the project, on the website www.mof.go.th

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