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Thailand is teaming up with Google to promote digital technology

The Royal Thai Government and Google are collaborating to boost Thailand’s digital competitiveness and accelerate AI innovation, focusing on cloud technology, infrastructure, and digital skills accessibility for Thais.

Royal Thai Government and Google Partner to Boost Digital Competitiveness and Accelerate AI Innovation

The Royal Thai Government and Google have joined forces to enhance Thailand’s digital competitiveness and drive AI innovation. This strategic collaboration aims to focus on digital infrastructure investments, secure and responsible AI adoption, cloud-first policies, and accessible digital skills for all Thais.

Google Cloud to Establish First Cloud Region in Bangkok

Google has announced its plans to establish its first cloud region in Thailand, with Bangkok as its chosen location. This move is expected to bring advanced cloud technologies closer to businesses and organizations in Thailand, enabling them to leverage the benefits of Google Cloud services for their digital transformation initiatives.

Initiatives to Accelerate AI Adoption and Enhance Digital Skills Accessibility

In collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Google Cloud is working on leveraging generative AI and Google Cloud technologies to develop scalable solutions in priority areas such as e-government services, financial technology, healthcare, education, and transportation. Additionally, Google is offering 12,000 additional Google Career Certificate scholarships through its Samart Skills program, aiming to help more individuals in Thailand acquire valuable digital skills and obtain professional certifications at no cost.

Source : Thailand is teaming up with Google to promote digital technology


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