Home Business BMA on alert as shopping malls in Bangkok reopen

BMA on alert as shopping malls in Bangkok reopen

BMA on alert as shopping malls in Bangkok reopen
Bma On Alert As Shopping Malls In Bangkok Reopen

BANGKOK (NNT) – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration or BMA has devised guidelines for the second phase easing of measures intended to prevent overcrowding in shopping malls.

Police General Aswin Kwanmuang, the Governor of Bangkok, has had a meeting with the Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee, to prepare for the second phase relaxation of social constraints. The governor said the meeting worried most about shopping malls, because shopping malls have been closed for two months, so people may be rushing in. There are around 200 malls in Bangkok. He asked Bangkok shoppers not to go in if malls are overcrowded, and suggested they go later. Officers have been appointed to maintain safety in every mall. If a violation is found, especially the drinking of alcohol in a restaurant, the place will be ordered to close.

As for social distancing, every shopping mall is required to allow 5 square meters for each customer it has, and provide hand sanitizers throughout the mall . Other customers will have to wait if the mall has already reached its max capacity.

Everyone going into a mall must wear a mask.

Initially, BMA believes that all parties will offer good cooperation to prevent the possibility of a new outbreak.

In addition, BMA has also emphasized hygiene when dining in. Tables must be 1 to 1.5 meters apart with a screen installed on the tables. However, restaurants that are able to leave more than 1.5 meters between tables, don’t need to provide a table screen. Alcoholic drinks are allowed to be sold for takeaway only, not for dining in at the restaurant. Violations will result in immediate closure of the venue.

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