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AsiaRF Unveils Revolutionary Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh Technology for Enhanced AIoT Connectivity

TAIPEI, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AsiaRF, a pioneering brand in wireless communication solutions, proudly announces the groundbreaking development of Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh technology. This advancement marks a significant milestone in the evolution of wireless network solutions, demonstrating AsiaRF’s commitment to advancing connectivity technologies.

AsiaRF’s cutting-edge Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh technology marks a milestone in enhancing AIoT and Wi-Fi HaLow network solutions.

Revolutionizing AIoT with Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh 
Paul Lai, CEO of AsiaRF, states, "The launch of our revolutionary Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh technology sets a new standard for AIoT connectivity. Our firm commitment to enhancing wireless infrastructure paves the way for innovative global partnerships."

Strategic Collaboration and Standards Development 
As proactive participants in the Wi-Fi Alliance and Wireless Broadband Alliance, AsiaRF is instrumental in shaping the new standards for Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh architecture. Future publications, including a white paper featuring case studies on the practical applications of HaLow Mesh technology in U.S. collaborations, will further promote this innovative architecture.

Key Features of Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh Technology:

Extended Coverage and Stability: Utilizes advanced frequency and modulation techniques to maintain reliable connections in challenging environments. Robust Mesh Network: Features automatic routing and backup paths, ensuring network resilience and seamless connectivity. Scalability for Major IoT Projects: Supports a broad spectrum of AIoT applications, fulfilling the demands of smart city infrastructure.

Compliance and Certification
AsiaRF’s Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh Gateway has received Wi-Fi HaLow certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance, affirming its industry compliance and reliability. Powering these devices, Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow chips are at the core of AsiaRF’s Wi-Fi HaLow module MM610X-001, known for their ultra-low power consumption and long-range capabilities, ideal for IoT applications.

The Wi-Fi HaLow module MM610X-001 complies with international regulations, including the FCC, IC, CE, and Japan’s TELEC, ensuring it meets stringent global safety standards. AsiaRF’s full range of Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh gateways, which includes the Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh indoor gateway (ARFHL-AP), Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh portable gateway (ARFHL-UM), and Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh outdoor model (ARFHL-OD), also adheres to these standards, ensuring robust and secure wireless networking for diverse AIoT environments.

Explore Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh Technology 
Discover more about our innovative Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh technology and explore our product range by downloading our comprehensive white paper:

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About AsiaRF 
As a leader in wireless networking and AIoT innovations, AsiaRF is committed to transforming the industrial IoT landscape and fostering connectivity worldwide. With nearly three decades of expertise, AsiaRF is a key player in ODM services, offering bespoke wireless solutions across diverse industries. Find out about AsiaRF’s capabilities:

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Source : AsiaRF Unveils Revolutionary Wi-Fi HaLow Mesh Technology for Enhanced AIoT Connectivity


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