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Asia Shipping Chooses WaveBL as Their Digital Partner for Electronic House Bills of Lading

WILMINGTON, Del, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Asia Shipping, a leading expert in global logistics, has expanded its partnership with WaveBL to include the use of electronic house bills of lading. This move further positioned Asia Shipping, which transferred over 17,000 master eBLs in 2023 alone, as a leader in its commitment to efficiency, security, and sustainability in global trade. 

"Going digital? It’s not just important; it’s essential for staying competitive and efficient in today’s fast-paced world. The shift from paper to digital, especially with bills of lading, has been nothing short of transformative," said Alexandre Pimenta, CEO of Asia Shipping. "It’s been a journey of adapting, learning, and embracing the new, which has significantly streamlined our operations. We are always looking for the smartest routes for our business."

WaveBL’s eBL blockchain-based solution has transformed Asia Shipping’s document management, ensuring top security, efficiency, and sustainability. These solutions have notably reduced processing times, eliminated document losses, and expedited transactions, all while promoting eco-friendly practices and facilitating seamless communication with partners.

"Our partnership with Asia Shipping has grown stronger with their expansion to electronic house bills of lading, showing their trust in WaveBL as their adaptable partner". Said Noam Rosenfeld, CEO of WaveBL, "Their commitment to both master and house eBLs signifies a move towards smarter, more sustainable, and customer-focused trade. We’re thrilled to stand by them and shape the digital trade future together." 

Asia Shipping’s adoption of WaveBL’s eBL solution underscores the power of digital trade documentation in achieving the goal of being fully digital by 2030. Embracing both master and house eBLs is a significant step towards smarter, more sustainable, and customer-focused trade.

About Asia Shipping
Asia Shipping is a global logistics expert specializing in finding the best routes for customers and seamlessly moving goods across continents. Committed to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, Asia Shipping plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of global logistics.

Media contact
Mr. Rafael Santos
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About WaveBL
WaveBL stands at the forefront of the digital trade revolution. Our proven blockchain-based solution ensures secure, efficient, and confidential transmission of electronic trade documents. In this pivotal era for global trade, our mission is clear—making trade processes paperless, faster, cost-effective, and green!

Media contact
Mrs. Ilan Weiss
[email protected] 

Source : Asia Shipping Chooses WaveBL as Their Digital Partner for Electronic House Bills of Lading


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