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After-Sales XR Hardware Shipments to Hit 7.4 Million by 2030, Making Up 25% of Total XR Market

NEW YORK, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The satisfaction of a customer with their product or service is as important as the quality and usefulness of the product or service itself. Extended Reality (XR) has emerged as the enabling technology to expand markets, improve capabilities, and redefine after-sales services. The use of XR has been seen to achieve resolutions faster, optimize resources and skill gaps, and significantly reduce operations costs. According to global technology intelligence firm ABI Research, XR shipments for after-sales services will increase from 269,000 devices in 2024 to 7.4 million devices in 2030 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 74%, accounting for about 25% of the total XR shipments in the same period.

"The after-sales industry is valued in billions of dollars. It plays a significant role in delivering top-grade services, and the XR ecosystem can innovate the current after-sales services through both in-app guidance and webinars online, providing a more immersive and intuitive mode of training and guidance," explains Matilda Beinat, Augmented and Virtual Reality Analyst at ABI Research. It can accelerate the speed of knowledge transfer from senior experts to junior technicians, and it can resolve problems faster by detecting real-time faults and acting immediately remotely, increasing Return on Investment (ROI).

XR devices will be adopted more readily, especially as enterprises leverage their advantages through different industries. According to Beinat, "Not only can XR be used to onboard and train new employees faster, but it can also be used to remotely guide customers through preventative maintenance, providing immersive step-by-step guidance on building and setting up a product or service. Customer satisfaction and, most importantly, customer loyalty will come hand in hand with the adoption of XR.

Companies working in XR for after-sales services, such as CareAR, AVEVA, Autodesk Workshop XR, and TeamViewer, have found significant improvements in their after-sales service sectors after adopting XR. CareAR, for example, has been delivering first time fix rates 82% of the time, AVEVA has found a 50% cost reduction, 40% reduction in learning time, 50% boost in productivity, and a 7X increase in knowledge retention. TeamViewer has reduced Cimbali’s time to resolution by 20%, reducing service travel costs by 15%.

"Companies are quickly discovering the potential of XR outside of the most recognized use cases. They are especially discovering XR’s positive and impactful application in after-sales services and remote operations," Beinat concludes.

These findings are from ABI Research’s Extended Reality in After Sales Services application analysis report. This report is part of the company’s Augmented and Virtual Reality research service, which includes research, data, and ABI Insights. 

About ABI Research

ABI Research is a global technology intelligence firm uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology solution providers and end-market companies. We serve as the bridge that seamlessly connects these two segments by providing exclusive research and expert guidance to drive successful technology implementations and deliver strategies proven to attract and retain customers.

ABI Research是一家全球性的技术情报公司,拥有得天独厚的优势,充当终端市场公司和技术解决方案提供商之间的桥梁,通过提供独家研究和专业性指导,推动成功的技术实施和提供经证明可吸引和留住客户的战略,无缝连接这两大主体。

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Source : After-Sales XR Hardware Shipments to Hit 7.4 Million by 2030, Making Up 25% of Total XR Market


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