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Geek+ order fulfilment robots help PChome meet next-day delivery deadlines, hit sustainability targets

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Geekplus, the global leader in mobile robot and smart logistics solutions, is helping PChome Online, Taiwan’s leading e-commerce brand, meet next-day delivery targets amid huge growth in online sales. Hundreds of Geekplus Shelf-to-Person robots have been deployed in Taiwan’s largest intelligent warehouse, replacing the company’s person-to-goods picking operation. PChome has measured a 3x efficiency improvement.

With Geekplus robots,PChome has measured a 3x efficiency improvement.

With the help of Geekplus, the 1,600,000-square-foot facility’s daily parcel processing capacity has doubled to an estimated 200,000 orders during peak sales periods.

PChome was the first e-commerce platform to provide 24-hour fast delivery service throughout Taiwan, operating non-stop for 24 years. To meet these demands, PChome outfitted its automated facility with the highest density of smart technology and automation equipment in the country. The system can flexibly adjust the number of robots according to logistics needs, helping PChome to handle the surge in orders during peak periods more efficiently. Geekplus robots have ensured PChome stays current with the latest order fulfilment innovations.

"The logistics park is equipped with AMR robots, shuttle rack systems, and automatic goods yards that are rarely seen in Taiwan to enhance shipping efficiency," said Alice Chang, CEO and general manager of PChome Online. "Through cross-industry alliances with strategic partners, we optimize warehouse and logistics efficiency and strengthen the competitiveness of our e-commerce business. "

Geekplus has deployed hundreds of Shelf-to-Person robots, which shuttle full shelves of goods to picking workstations, allowing employees to work from a single station. As Taiwan’s first e-commerce platform to embrace the concept of "green shopping," the Linkou A7 Intelligent Logistics Park also implements carbon reduction management.

"Geekplus robots can operate in a dark warehouse, reducing energy consumption while maintaining the tight delivery timelines that have become PChome’s hallmark," said Billy Siu, business development director, Taiwan, for Geekplus. "Shelf-to-Person order fulfilment robots also create a more sustainable environment for workers, enabling them to remain in one place while picking orders instead of walking miles and miles through warehouse aisles looking for goods."  

About Geekplus

Geekplus is a global leader in mobile robotics technologies. We develop innovative robotics solutions for order fulfilment. More than 1,000 global industry leaders use our solutions to realize flexible, reliable, and highly efficient automation for warehouses and supply chain management.

Source : Geek+ order fulfilment robots help PChome meet next-day delivery deadlines, hit sustainability targets


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