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MAXSUN at Computex 2024: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Innovations

TAIPEI, June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Computex 2024, held from June 4-7 in Taipei, showcased the latest technological advancements. MAXSUN Technologies stood out with its impressive booth design, innovative products, and a perfect blend of technology and aesthetics.

Exhibition Highlights:

1. Innovation Zone:
MAXSUN revealed several groundbreaking products, including the MS-Terminator H770YTX D5 WIFI motherboard, praised for its design and optimized DIY aesthetics. The concept back-to-back motherboard MS-Terminator B760BKB D5 also debuted, allowing the graphics card to be installed on the back, enhancing performance.

2. Dream Nexus:
Signifying ‘Setting Sail on Dreams,’ the Dream Nexus section highlighted MAXSUN’s creative prowess. This area featured Limited, a lively and charming IP, and showcased themed products and merchandise. The Dream Nexus combined creativity with technology, making it a favorite among visitors.

3. Concept Art Graphics Card Backplates:
Several concept art graphics card backplates were introduced, showcasing unique design and imaginative concepts, appealing to the young market and trendy culture.

4. AI Trend Zone:
MAXSUN explored AI technology with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series lineup, featuring advanced cooling and higher energy efficiency. These GPUs enhance the RTX-accelerated AI experience, delivering unparalleled graphics performance.

5. Next-Gen Mini PCs and NAS Hosts:
MAXSUN’s mini PCs and NAS servers, equipped with cutting-edge technology, officially debuted. Their compact size and powerful performance redefine home and office computing, offering enhanced productivity.

Innovative Product Lineup:

1. MS-AiCraft MTL-H:
A high-performance AI mini PC integrating the Intel Meteor Lake-H platform, designed for demanding AI tasks. It features HDMI 2.1 for smooth video output and supports multiple high-speed Type-C ports.

2. MGG White Series:
The MS-GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER MGG White OC16G graphics card boasts a sleek design and superior gaming performance.

3. GeForce RTX 4060 LP 8G:
A compact, high-performance graphics card for small form factor cases, providing powerful AI capabilities and exceptional graphical rendering.

4. BTF Series Graphics Cards:
Featuring magnetic detachable backplates, these cards hide power cables for a clean, aesthetically pleasing look.

Event Highlights:

The opening day set a lively tone, attracting numerous visitors with positive feedback. MAXSUN’s products and displays left a lasting impression, fostering anticipation for future developments. MAXSUN engaged with key industry partners, including Intel and AMD, strengthening collaborations and exploring market trends.

MAXSUN’s successful participation at Computex 2024 underscores its dedication to innovation and excellence. The company looks forward to continuing this momentum at future events. For more information, visit WWW.MAXSUN.COM.

Source : MAXSUN at Computex 2024: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Innovations


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