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The world's first Matter Radar Sensor came out, the first Indiegogo-LeTianPai Radar Sensor Box

BEIJING, June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Letianpai, as the world’s leading Matter-based smart home company, has launched the world’s first Matter millimeter wave radar technology human presence sensor, the "LeTianPai Presence Sensor Box," bridging the gap in the Matter ecosystem for human presence sensor devices. The Box supports direct integration with platforms such as Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. It is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo:

Traditional smart home ecosystems have been somewhat isolated, operating in closed systems. The introduction of the Box signals a new trend in cross-ecosystem, cross-platform, and truly interconnected Matter-based smart homes.

Letianpai CEO Li Ming stated, "Letianpai is a smart home company centered around Matter. The Box, developed based on Matter, is a truly next-generation smart home product that can be interconnected across platforms, freeing users from the constraints of closed smart home systems."

LeTianPai Presence Sensor Box is a 5-in-1 radar sensor that supports radar, infrared, temperature, humidity and light detection. It has dual detection of radar and infrared. It can not only detect small movements such as movement and heartbeat, but also greatly reduces the number of false alarms caused by traditional human body sensors.

The Box supports a maximum detection range of 8 meters for moving objects and 4 meters for stationary individuals, with a detection angle of 130°. Additionally, it allows users to adjust the sensor’s parameters within the Letianpai APP.

The Box can assist users in building smart living rooms, smart meeting rooms, and more. It enables functions such as turning on the lights when entering a study room, keeping the lights on as long as someone is present, and automatically turning off the lights when people leave the meeting room.

In terms of installation, the Box is equipped with a built-in magnet, supporting a variety of installation methods such as magnetic adsorption, wall mounting, spotlight hole, ceiling mounting, side mounting, and desktop placement, covering 95% of installation scenarios. At any time, users only need to choose the appropriate accessories to meet their specific installation needs.

Letianpai, a company that specializes in AI and smart hardware, is always focused on designing products with a better user experience in mind. Currently, the Letianpai Presence Sensor Box has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, with a crowdfunding price of $29 (MSRP $49). I believe this will be the best opportunity to experience it.

Source : The world's first Matter Radar Sensor came out, the first Indiegogo-LeTianPai Radar Sensor Box


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