Source of project funding “Digital wallet” to be announced within 10 days

Deputy Minister of Finance confirms digital wallet project funding source will be known within 10 days.

The Ministry of Finance is awaiting a response within 10 days to address concerns about the funding for the government’s digital wallet project.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, announced he plans to convene a meeting of relevant agencies to discuss establishing a committee to address two urgent matters: debt relief for farmers and the digital wallet project.

Regarding the digital wallet project, the Ministry of Finance is open to input from all stakeholders and is considering expanding the eligibility area for recipients to use the funds beyond their 4 km residence radius. While Chulaphan personally supports this expansion, he emphasizes that the project aims to stimulate the local economy. The working group is expected to provide a response within 10 days regarding possible sources of funding for the initially estimated 560 billion baht project. This project will provide all Thai citizens aged 16 and above with 10,000 baht of digital money to spend on consumer goods within a 4 km radius of their residence within six months.

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