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Singapore-China Bilateral Relations: Trade and Investment Outlook

Singapore and China have a strong trade and investment relationship, facing both cooperation and challenges. Their evolving partnership impacts regional dynamics and is shaped by agreements and initiatives for future cooperation.

The Evolving Relationship

Singapore and China’s trade and investment relationship is evolving with enduring cooperation and emerging challenges. The two nations have long-standing diplomatic ties and are working towards enhancing bilateral cooperation through agreements and initiatives. The evolving trade and investment landscape between Singapore and China reflects enduring cooperation and emerging challenges as industrial competition intensifies, reshaping key sectors. This dynamic relationship not only impacts bilateral trade and investment but also influences the broader geopolitical landscape in Asia.

Historical Partners

Since establishing diplomatic relations in 1990, Singapore and China have nurtured a strong partnership rooted in mutual respect, cooperation, and strategic collaboration. This long-standing relationship has evolved into a robust alliance across various sectors such as trade, investment, and cultural exchange. Their continued efforts to enhance bilateral cooperation have resulted in numerous agreements and initiatives aimed at promoting economic growth and regional stability, solidifying their status as historical partners in the region.

Bilateral Trade and Investment Collaboration

In February 2024, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) co-hosted the Singapore-China Economic Partnership Conference to strengthen trade and investment ties. The event, themed “Trade & Investment Opportunities through Enhanced Connectivity,” attracted 200 business leaders and government officials. Three Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) were signed to enhance business relationships, intellectual property protection, and business mediation and arbitration. These agreements mark a significant step towards fostering closer economic relations between Singapore and China, showcasing their commitment to mutual growth and cooperation.

Source : Singapore-China Bilateral Relations: Trade and Investment Outlook


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