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Thailand’s cannabis decriminalisation and subsequent unregulated industry

In June 2022, the Thai government made the bold decision to decriminalize cannabis production, sale, and personal use, which has resulted in significant consequences. This move serves as an example for other Asian countries to follow.

An unregulated, vast industry has quickly emerged, surprising many onlookers. In large cities, specialized retail outlets selling cannabis products have become widespread, with their numbers nearly matching those of traditional pharmacies.

Approximately 3000 new retail outlets have been officially registered, which include both small Thai firms and foreign-owned firms with experience in the cannabis industries of Amsterdam and California. Foreign companies are especially prevalent in cities with a high influx of international tourists.

Various websites are dedicated to listing the new retail establishments, with Chiang Mai, a northern city in Thailand, having 220 such outlets and being recognized as one of the world’s top cannabis tourist destinations. Many local Thais openly purchase cannabis as well.

Thailand’s cannabis decriminalisation and subsequent unregulated industry


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