BANGKOK (NNT) – The Ministry of Transport has showcased its projects and accomplishments in 2020 that helped improve the people’s quality of life.

The Minister of Transport Saksayam Chidchob revealed the Ministry of Transport has throughout 2020 been pushing infrastructure development projects to improve inter-regional connectivity within the country.

He said the Ministry of Transport has been able to accelerate the construction of Rama II road, which is now 83% complete, while at the same time addressing the air pollution issue caused by vehicle emissions, including public transport.

The Ministry of Transport has helped taxi drivers set their fees for additional services, while extending the vehicle age allowance for taxis from 9 to 12 years.

In Bangkok, the Ministry of Transport is currently working on the introduction of a common ticket that can be used on all metro lines, and the implementation of M-Flow technology to improve access to expressway toll booths. The ministry is currently finding ways to help the public cut down on living costs by reducing metro and expressway fares.

As for rail transport, the Ministry of Transport has set a target to increase dual-track railway coverage to 30% the existing railway network in three years.

In addition, the ministry is working to connect water transport with road and rail services, while improving the safety and convenience of piers.

As for air transport, the ministry has set a renovation goal for Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, and Bangkok Don Muang, as well as other airports in the region, to ensure they have capacity of at least 150 million passenger per year.

The Ministry of Transport has been arranging its construction projects in a way that will maximize economic benefit, by ensuring the continuity of projects to create jobs and incomes, as well as promoting the use of rubber as a construction material, giving rubber farmers some 30 billion baht in revenue, while encouraging regional airports to serve as distribution hubs for farm products, in order to help local farmers.

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