BANGKOK (NNT) – At this time of the year, the shopping atmosphere is usually lively. However, this year, it may somewhat different due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Products that are increasing in popularity are those used to care for health, such as face masks and sanitizer gels.

At Sampheng Market, as well as the usual fare, like decorations for New Year’s events, dolls, etc. there are also face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfecting alcohol, hand creams and temperature measuring devices.

People who bought gifts at Sampheng market said they purchased face shields for their relatives and family members, due to the second wave of COVID-19.

The vendors at Sampheng market admitted that, this year, the market is quieter than las, but they can still sell their products. Shops selling COVID-19 protective equipment see brisk trade.

The people of Songkhla are aware of the second wave of COVID-19. As a result, some people have returned to pharmacies in Hat Yai district, Songkhla province, to buy more face masks, but there has been no hoarding. Meanwhile, sanitizer gel is still selling normally. The pharmacies confirm that products in stock are still sufficient to meet the customers’ demand, but have been preparing to order more in order to meet any increase in demand.

According to the survey, face mask prices were found to be at the standard level, because they are controlled products for which the price cannot be above 2.5 baht per piece and 125 baht per box. Vendors who are found to be selling overpriced face masks will be subject to a fine not exceeding 140,000 baht or imprisonment for not more than seven years or both. Therefore, people do not have to be worried and hoard face masks as they can still buy them as usual.

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