BANGKOK (NNT) – The government’s Job Expo Thailand 2020, which has just ended, has received better than expected feedback from participants, with jobseekers and new graduates now hired or waitlisted for some 100,000 positions.

The Minister of Labour, Suchat Chomklin, said the 3-day job expo welcomed 125,383 participants, 104,933 joining the event at BITEC exhibition center in Bangkok and 20,450 participating from their provincial employment offices.

Most of the participants are students, who benefit from the government’s co-payment scheme to encourage companies to hire a total of 260,000 people. So far 78,855 vacancies have been filled, with 181,145 more offers still available.

Most positions offered at this event are within the manufacturing sector, about 200,000 positions, followed by marketing and public relations, some 60,000 positions, textiles, some 32,000 positions, graphics and design, about 32,000 positions, construction, about 30,000 positions, as well as other categories, about 34,000 positions.

The most sought-after jobs at this event are administration and general management, with some 10,000 applications, a tie with marketing and public relations, followed by services and personal manager with 9,000 applications, engineering with 7,000 applications, manufacturing with 7,000 applications, as well as other positions with 37,000 applications. Figures from this event show there is still high demand in the manufacturing sector.

Most participants, questioned at the event, said the Job Expo makes it convenient to submit their application and get an interview instantly in one place, and asked the government to hold a similar event every year, particularly in September when new graduates start to enter the job market. They have suggested the government extend the event to five days, to allow jobseekers more time to consider and apply for more positions.

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