BANGKOK(NNT)- The Government Lottery Office (GLO) held a seminar for lottery ticket vendor representatives titled “Distributing Lottery Tickets, Addressing Overpricing” to deal with sets of lottery tickets with popular numbers selling for as high as 150 baht a set.
Quota holders for lottery tickets along with sellers, members of the public, academics and the media attended the seminar with the intention of resolving problem.
GLO board member and spokesperson, Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanavath Phonvichai, said many small retailers were added over the past two to three months, due to the unusually high level of unemployment, driving up the ticket price.
Vendors at the meeting called for another 100 million tickets to be added to meet demand, while the Disabled Persons Association asked that a quota of tickets be sent to relevant organizations and foundations at 70.40 baht. It was also suggested that more seller slots be opened and that registered sellers not be allowed to forward tickets to unofficial retailers. All recommendations collected during the meeting will be discussed by the GLO board on September 23 this year.
Retailers have asked that at least 4 million more tickets be issued at this time as a temporary remedy.

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