BANGKOK (NNT) The Department of Internal Trade (DIT) will consult with face mask and hand washing gel manufacturers tomorrow, to ensure that the number of products being made will meet the demand of consumers. The public meanwhile, is asked not to buy them in excess.

Mr Prayoat Phensut, Deputy Director General of the Department of Internal Trade (DIT), said today the DIT has invited more than 20 alcohol, face mask, and hand washing gel manufacturers and importers to attend a meeting to assess consumer demand for the products used to protect themselves against the corona virus and PM 2.5. The meeting comes after discussions on the issue with face mask importers last week and being informed of the quantity of products available. He has confirmed that the number of face masks in the country is sufficient to meet consumer demand for at least another 4-5 months without problems.

However, due to people’s panic about the corona virus and PM 2.5, face masks, alcohol and hand washing gel are being purchased for hoarding, resulting in shortages of the products in markets in some areas. The effectiveness of a face mask is usually about eight hours. He expressed his confidence, that if people don’t excessively buy face masks, the current number of masks available in the market will be sufficient in the present circumstances.

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