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Mandala AI Ecosystem Launched to Offer SME Marketing Solutions

BANGKOK (NNT) – A local tech startup is offering Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing solutions – known collectively as the “Mandala AI Ecosystem” – to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

According to Ocean Sky Network Co Ltd, the “Mandala AI Ecosystem” is a big data analytics tool driven by AI. The platform gathers big data from social media and online sources, then processes and generates insights and analyses. The information generated is expected to enhance the decision-making abilities and productivity of businesses, brands, agencies and marketing. It also benefits content creators and researchers.

The platform differentiates itself from other software by leveraging Advance AI engine technology. It utilizes 4-core engines to collect data from social media in order to learn, process and generate complex models. The engines then analyze, scan and evaluate the information received. The ecosystem is also capable of deep learning and self-developing using the information available.

The founder of Ocean Sky Network, Dr Akalak Yimwilai, explained that “Mandala AI Ecosystem” is part of the company’s efforts to tap into the growing trend of AI and the development of social media networks. He added that the software suite would make the technology accessible for everyone to get the most benefit for the price. He also said he hoped that the platform would enhance the potential of Thai SMEs’ to compete in wider markets.

According to the CEO, the Mandala AI platform was also recently released in North America and Latin America. Akalak intends to further develop it by offering social media management features and customizing solutions for enterprises and government agencies.

Those interested in company products can find more information at the website Additionally, the company offers a trial version of Mandala Cosmos for the public.

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Reporter : Paul Rujopakarn

Rewriter : Tarin Angskul

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