BAMGKOK (NNT) – More than 400 students at primary and secondary level at private schools have received an award won in the 8th Thailand Mathematics Contest (TMC ), organized by the International Mathematics Contest (IMC) Union.

Khunying Kallaya Sophonpanich, Deputy Minister of Education, expressed her admiration for the students who received the awards as they are very knowledgeable about mathematics and are the future of the nation because they will help develop technology.

The government sector has been preparing the country to accommodate the advancement of technology by placing importance on the learning of coding or computer programming and including it in the government’s education policy. The Ministry of Education’s policy is to promote and support communication in various languages in addition to Thai. Aquiring computer language means the learning of new language skills that will be used to communicate with computers and technology in the future, to understand the operations of artificial intelligence and robots. The Ministry of Education instills in students access to academic code learning from kindergarten. This will also help reduce the learning disparity of children in remote areas and children in the city, according to the slogan “coding is easier than you think. Conquer the digital age”.

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