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SET-listed companies’ 9-month performance affected by weak oil prices and economic slowdown


SET-listed company sales and profits for the first nine months of 2023 declined, affected by the Energy & Utility and Petrochemicals & Chemicals sectors, but other sectors remained stable with positive factors. Mai-listed companies also experienced a decline in operating profits.

Decline in Sales and Net Profits for SET-Listed Companies

SET-listed companies’ combined total sales and net profits for the first nine months of 2023 decreased from the previous year, primarily due to the Energy & Utility and Petrochemicals & Chemicals sectors. Excluding these struggling sectors, the overall operating results remained stable, with positive contributions from the Banking, Tourism & Leisure, and Information & Communication Technology sectors.

Financial Position and Operating Results for SET-Listed and mai-Listed Companies

815 SET-listed companies have submitted their operating results, accounting for over 97 percent of the total. The total sales for SET-listed companies were down 3.4 percent to THB 12.73 trillion, primarily affected by a 16.0 percent decrease in core operating profits. Meanwhile, mai-listed companies saw a smaller 1.2 percent increase in total sales, but a significant drop in total operating profits and net profits.


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