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Trusted Data Today Fuels Tomorrow's AI at Cloudera's EVOLVE24 Event Series

Registration is now open for Cloudera’s global conferences, designed to bring the power of the hybrid data lakehouse and enterprise AI directly to customers and partners worldwide

SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cloudera, the data company for trusted enterprise AI, will be hosting a series of data and AI conferences across the globe. The seven regional conferences, named EVOLVE24, will gather industry leaders, customers, and partners to uncover strategies to enhance data-driven insights and productivity in the era of generative AI.

Through a series of breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and hands-on workshops, EVOLVE24 attendees will learn about the value of modern data architecture, the benefits of true hybrid cloud, and how the combination can accelerate enterprise AI. Sponsored by IBM, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Red Hat, the events will include customer sessions focused on the challenges and barriers of enterprise AI adoption, the benefits of hybrid data management, and the state of data infrastructures.

There will also be an expo zone showcasing some of the most innovative solutions for scalable and secure data management that are helping all industries power business-critical AI applications and run real-time analytics at scale. Each event will also feature a keynote address from Chad Foster, an award-winning business leader, international keynote speaker, and author of Blind Ambition–an autobiographical account of the insights Foster gained after going blind at 21. Additionally, R "Ray" Wang, Founder, Chairman and Principal Analyst of Constellation Research, will be delivering a keynote on the future of data, analytics and generative AI.

The winners of Cloudera’s Data Impact Awards will also be announced at EVOLVE24. These prestigious awards recognize outstanding data-driven projects that have made a significant business impact within their organizations, across industries, and globally.

Categories include:

AI Acceleration – Organizations making an innovative business impact using Cloudera for trusted data powering AI, Machine Learning, Large Language Models, and more. Cloud (Native) Innovation – Organizations leveraging cloud-native architectures for innovative data, analytics and AI, using one or more public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP) and/or private, on-prem infrastructure. Modern Architectures & Pipelines – Organizations that have excelled in designing and implementing innovative data architectures that effectively support the full data lifecycle – from ingestion to analytics. Leadership & Transformation – Teams and/or data leaders driving transformation with Cloudera and programs that promote enterprise-wide impact, data literacy, transparent decision-making, and tools that empower employees to effectively use data. People & Society – Recognizing data’s broader implications, with initiatives that extend beyond organizational walls and financial impact. Whether through community engagement, environmental sustainability, or public health initiatives, they highlight data’s positive influence on the world at large.

Learn more about EVOLVE24 events here. The schedule is as follows:

Singapore, August 6 – 7 Dubai, September 11 – 12 São Paulo, October 2 – 3 New York, October 9 – 10 Milan, October 23 Paris, November 14 Madrid, December 10

"EVOLVE24 is one the world’s most comprehensive data and AI event series, providing organizations with hands-on training and one-to-one access with Cloudera experts," said Charles Sansbury, CEO of Cloudera. "By turning EVOLVE24 into a multi-day, multi-city global conference, Cloudera is bringing the power of our platform and our community directly to our customers around the world. This is a unique opportunity to collaborate and network with some of the leading experts in data management, analytics, and AI."

With 25+ exabytes of data under management, Cloudera is the most robust hybrid open data lakehouse for analytics and AI. By organizing and managing large volumes of data efficiently and securely, Cloudera enables companies to harness the power of their data, trust its accuracy, and rely on it for analysis and AI-powered decision making.

Learn more about EVOLVE24 and inquire about sponsorship opportunities here.

About Cloudera
At Cloudera, we believe data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. We empower people to transform data anywhere into trusted enterprise AI so they can reduce costs and risks, increase productivity, and accelerate business performance. Our open data lakehouse enables secure data management and portable cloud-native data analytics, helping organizations manage and analyze data of all types, on any cloud, public or private. With as much data under management as the hyperscalers, we’re a data partner for the top companies in almost every industry. Cloudera has guided the world on the value and future of data and continues to lead a vibrant ecosystem powered by the relentless innovation of the open-source community. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn and X. Cloudera and associated marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cloudera, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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