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Sunseeker Unveils High-Performance 60V Commercial Series

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sunseeker, a leader in landscape solutions, announced its 60V Commercial Series. Designed for professional landscapers, this high-power range tackles tough garden tasks with ease. It offers powerful tools with precise control, durable construction, and comfort-focused design to reduce strain during long work sessions, ensuring efficient and comfortable performance.

Challenging the boundaries of electrified power tools

The highlight of the lineup is the 60V battery platform, a groundbreaking innovation designed for versatility and productivity. It features high-capacity battery packs, solar-charging compatibility, and ergonomic portability, ensuring superior runtime, performance, and ease of use for tasks like trimming, mowing, and pruning.

Sunseeker’s new-generation battery platform guarantees an uninterrupted workflow with only two batteries. Utilizing cutting-edge advancements in battery management and fast charging, the two batteries can be cycled and recharged seamlessly via a multi-port Fast Charger, ensuring stable, non-stop power output throughout the workday.

Achieving flawless lawn care with the dual-blade system

The Sunseeker 60V lawn mower, is a top choice for both lawn care enthusiasts and professionals. It offers 3-in-1 functionality for mulching, rear discharging, or bagging grass clippings. The mower’s dual-blade system, powered by a high-performance 60V brushless motor, ensures a clean and precise cut with every pass, even in large areas.

Designed for comfort and maneuverability, it features an adjustable handle and variable speed control for precise mowing. Built for durability, it has a 22-inch steel deck and adjustable cutting height ( up to 114 mm US). The Sunseeker Lawn Mower is built with rugged construction to ensure reliability in demanding environments, while also enhancing comfort and meeting community noise regulations.

Blowing away competitors with turbo-boosted performance

Sunseeker offers two high-performing blowers designed to meet different needs. The handheld blower is compact and lightweight at 2.53kg, making it easy to maneuver for extended periods. Delivering an airspeed of 210 MPH  and a volume of 830 CFM that outperforms gas blowers, it features turbo boost, a patented air fan system, low vibration, noise-dampening design, and stepless speed control. With an IPX4 weather-proof rating ensuring reliable performance in all conditions, the model is ideal for quick cleanups, and precision tasks.

The backpack blower is designed for more extensive tasks with an ergonomic harness to minimize strain. It provides airflow up to 800 CFM and velocity up to 200 MPH. Features include variable speed with cruise control, an adjustable tube, a lightweight weather-resistant enclosure, and a sturdy base stand for protection when not in use, perfect for large areas, prolonged use, and heavy-duty tasks.

Other products from the series include:

The pole hedger with an 11-position adjustable head, extended reach, dual-action blades, and a weatherproof IPX4 rating. The grass trimmer & brush cutter powered by a 1.8kw high-efficiency brushless motor, fitted with an enhanced cooling and smart control system. The lightweight and weatherproof hedge trimmer offering three speed modes and a multi-position soft-grip handle. The top handle chainsaw featuring constant speed technology, a front handle guard, adjustable oil lubrication, and guide bar compatibility from 12 to 14in.

"Recent years have seen more landscapers shifting away from gas equipment and embracing battery-powered alternatives for greener lifestyles. As a green tech-focused landscape solution innovator, we are proud to lead this transition to electrified tools to empower a sustainable future. With increasing customer demand for eco-friendly products, the launch of our 60V power equipment marks a pivotal milestone on this journey. Now is the time for green industry professionals to make the move to battery-powered equipment. We remain committed to advancing green gardening technology with ergonomic designs that offer lower noise, easy operation, and no emissions or fuel costs," Justin, the EVP and GM of North American Operations for Sunseeker US, Inc.

Source : Sunseeker Unveils High-Performance 60V Commercial Series


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