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Terraform Labs Announces Strategic Sale Process for Pulsar, Station, Enterprise, and Warp

SINGAPORE, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Terraform Labs Pte. Ltd. (TFL), a leading software company specializing in blockchain technology, today announced a strategic sale process of its business, including its wholly owned subsidiary, Proximity Panorama, LDA, as part of its ongoing chapter 11 case. Such a sale is part of TFL’s broader wind-down of operations under the terms of its settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

TFL is actively exploring options to sell the following businesses:

Pulsar: A portfolio tracker with over 100 blockchains indexed and a proprietary indexing SDK which abstracts protocols and RPC nodes to simplify data integration with projects.  Station: A non-custodial interchain hot wallet originally focused on the Cosmos ecosystem with browser and mobile functionality and over 600,000 downloads to date. Enterprise: A no-code DAO management platform enabling organization, treasury management, spending via governance vote, and staking rewards distribution for DAOs. Warp: An on-chain decentralized automation protocol for condition-based execution of smart contracts.

The sale process represents a significant step in TFL’s efforts to maximize value for its creditors and other stakeholders, as part of its broader wind-down of operations. Potential buyers are encouraged to express their interest and seek further information through TFL’s investment banker, CAVU Securities, LLC (CAVU Securities).

Interested parties should contact CAVU Securities directly for additional information and to express their interest in acquiring any of the businesses listed above.

CAVU Securities Contact Information:

Chris McMillan
Senior Managing Director, Head of Tech Advisory
[email protected]

Trent Martensen
Senior Managing Director
[email protected]

About Terraform Labs:
Established in 2018 and based in Singapore, Terraform Labs Pte Ltd. (TFL) is a leading software development company specializing in blockchain technology. Powered by a globally distributed workforce of experienced Web3 developers and crypto natives, TFL is one of the few companies to have developed an end-to-end Web3 experience, inclusive of a blockchain, wallet, block explorer, RPC solution, set of apps, and a suite of developer tools. Aiming to enable the next evolution of the Internet built on robust, decentralized economies, TFL serves as a core contributor to the Terra blockchain and is the creator of products and tools such as Alliance, Station, Warp, and Enterprise.

Source : Terraform Labs Announces Strategic Sale Process for Pulsar, Station, Enterprise, and Warp


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