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JPX's API Service "J-Quants Pro" Adds New Datasets

Multiple new datasets related to Japan’s financial market are now available in a machine-readable format via JPX’s "J-Quants Pro" API service.

TOKYO, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc., a leading global provider of Japan’s financial market data, promptly added new datasets to "J-Quants Pro" API/SFTP service which was launched in February 2024.

What is J-Quants Pro?

J-Quants Pro is a new platform offering institutional users streamlined access to financial data of Japanese markets. It disseminates structured data through user-friendly channels such as APIs and SFTP in a machine-readable format so that users can discover new trading/business opportunities and make informed decisions with minimum effort. J-Quants’ datasets include those which have been only accessible on the JPX website in less convenient formats. It also provides access to historical data that were not available.

J-Quants Pro Datasets


Data Period

Listed Issue information

since May 2008

Trading by Type of Investors

since Jan 2008

Detail Breakdown Trading Data

since Jan 2010

Margin Trading Outstanding-Daily

since May 2008

Margin Trading Outstanding-Weekly

since Feb 2012

Financial Summary and BS/PL Statements

since Jul 2008

Derivatives Trading Volume / Position by Participant

since Mar 2014

Scheduled Dates for Earnings Announcements

since Sep 2014

ToSTNeT(Off-auction block trade) Super Large Lot

since Feb 2008

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About JPX Market Innovation & Research
JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (JPXI) was established as a subsidiary of Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (TOKYO:8697) in 2022. It consolidates JPX Group’s data/index services and system-related services, and leads further business enhancement of JPX Group by leveraging IT technologies and new business partnerships.

Frontier Development Department,
JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc.
E-mail: [email protected]
Inquiry form: contact page.

Source : JPX's API Service "J-Quants Pro" Adds New Datasets


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