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Ideal Dialogue with New Shenzhen Spirit at Bay City

SHENZHEN, China, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A grand event brought the attention of people from various industries, such as technology, finance, fashion, real estate, and culture, to Futian, Shenzhen. An ideal discussion commenced, merging AI with philosophy, art with science, happiness with future outlooks, and personal dialogues with the city.

On June 5, the "Seed of Ideal – Bay City Future Life Development Conference" was held at the Futian Sports Park in Shenzhen. Nearly 500 elites from related industries, renowned scholars, media reporters, and Bay City residents gathered to dialogue with the new Shenzhen spirit through ideals.

### Night of Ideals: Sparks of Prominent Voices

Socrates said, "The happiest thing in the world is to strive for an ideal." In this entrepreneurial land, at the heart of this ideal-filled city, distinguished scholars from Fudan University, host of "The Brain" show Jiang Changjian, Capella Hotel Group China’s Dr. Mei Ping, Director of Tsinghua University’s National Image Communication Research Center and professor Fan Hong, and Chairman of Futian Investment Control and Vice Chairman of Gemdale Group Ji Tong, shared their sparks of spirit, illuminating the "Night of Ideals."

Kafka said, "His specialty was despair." In Jiang Changjian’s view, "My specialty is sowing the seeds of my ideals at different stages of life, even if I had another life." Jiang shared his personal ideals inspired by his rich life experiences. He aspired to be a kindergarten teacher thanks to a great mentor, a hero inspired by revolutionary martyrs, and a writer due to long-term reading. Though not all ideals were realized, they stored the power for future breakthroughs, resulting in his "unplanned growth and achievements."

Dr. Mei Ping shared her journey from a "shattered artist’s dream" to an "architect’s ideal," and now to the "ideal of a Chinese cultural communicator." As Capella, a top luxury hotel, partners with Bay City, they aim to create an "ideal sky garden of life" on a 200+ meter skyscraper, blending global perspectives, technology, and art, shaping the "ideal of future Shenzhen."

Professor Fan Hong analyzed Shenzhen’s urban ideals from four perspectives: "City of Creation, City of Innovation, City of Creativity, City of Sharing." She discussed how Shenzhen has become a paradise for dreamers where everyone is unique, faith is paramount, and hard work is constant, encapsulated in the phrase "Coming to Shenzhen makes you a Shenzhener."

Ji Tong spoke from the perspective of an "idealist" about how Bay City resonates with global advanced tastes and craftsmanship spirit, building an ideal life for all idealists. According to him, "Bay City’s achievements are in every brick and tile, every building, every street, and in the happiness of countless families."

### From Personal Ideals to City Ideals

From personal to career ideals, life to city ideals, four idealists from different fields explored why Shenzhen allows idealists of every era to thrive. Why does Shenzhen attract global innovation talent as an "ideal city"?

Sometimes, ideals are close, as in stable happiness; sometimes, they are far, as in relentless career pursuits and city aspirations.

In the "2023 Ideal City – Towards a Highly Developed Global City of Education, Technology, and Talent" report released last September, Shenzhen ranked second among the world’s top 20 cities for comprehensive development in education, technology, and talent, and it was the most desired city for global innovation talent, showcasing the power of ideals in Shenzhen.

Futian transformed from "paddy fields" to "prime district, happy Futian," leading the way in exploring ideals with the top spot in the "Top 100 Chinese Investment Competitiveness Districts" ranking. Creating ideal lives for idealistic career pursuers is becoming Futian and Shenzhen’s shared goal.

### An Idealistic Metropolis

As the highlight of the "Night of Ideals," Ji Tong, Chairman of Futian Investment Control and Vice Chairman of Gemdale Group, discussed "An Idealistic Metropolis," showing Bay City’s grand blueprint akin to Shenzhen’s ideals.

Ji used stories of "three Futian kids" to invite idealists to be neighbors with the best; painted a picture of "happy Futian"; emphasized the power of ideal partners walking together; showcased the ideal value of urban connotation and quality life with Capella, the "pinnacle of luxury hotels"; and elaborated on Bay City’s ambition as the "first stop for Hong Kong people heading north."

With 22 years of leading GDP contribution per unit area, 22 years of top foreign trade import and export, first in education and medical resources in Shenzhen, and topping the "Saidi Investment Competitiveness Top 100 Districts (2023)" nationwide, Bay City is planting a massive "ideal seed" at the forefront of Shenzhen connecting the world.

"Deep Bay Future, Happy Futian" is Bay City’s ideal and the future happiness of everyone living in this "ideal metropolis." As the engines of technology, finance, and fashion, Bay City will gather numerous "idealists," innovating and pursuing dreams in the Bay Area, jointly writing the splendid chapter of the super bay area of Shenzhen-Hong Kong. Bay City will become the destination of life ideals and the starting point of career ideals, symbolizing the spirit of the new era of Futian, Shenzhen, and Chinese dream chasers, condensing Shenzhen’s dreamers’ ideals towards a broader future.

"Let us believe that, just as seeds will sprout and flowers will bloom and bear fruit, Bay City’s ideals will continue to be passed on, endlessly," said Ji Tong.


Source : Ideal Dialogue with New Shenzhen Spirit at Bay City


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