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Working Together on Green Ecology! Huawei Digital Power Leaders Visit BatteroTech

JIAXING, China, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On March 14th, 2024, Mr. Zhu Chengjun, General Manager, ESS & Micro-grid Department, Utility Smart PV Business, Huawei Digital Power and his colleagues visited BatteroTech for in-depth exchanges and were graciously received by Mr. Hu Xiaodong, Chairman of Yongqing Technology, Mr. Zhang Yiwei, BatteroTech Chief Risk Officer, and corporate leaders from the R&D Department and Department of Sales of BatteroTech.

Leaders from Huawei Digital Power toured automatic production workshops and digital exhibition halls of BatteroTech and were given a detailed account of the corporate overview and development, and product applications by relevant employees from BatteroTech.

A critical afternoon meeting on partnership deepening was organized, where the relevant employees first briefed the attendants on the corporate landscape and strategy planning of the two companies for them to acquire insightful knowledge in future cooperative methods and opportunities through in-depth communication.

Mr. Hu Xiaodong, Chairman of Yongqing Technology, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the endeavors of Huawei Digital Power in green energy and resources. He remarked at the meeting that "BatteroTech will remain committed to product R&D, ensure quality product offerings, and keep elevating our market presence. This is well-aligned with Huawei Digital Power’s quality-oriented corporate philosophy. We can foster long-term strategic cooperations in joint ecological contributions by establishing green and low-carbon ecological parks together."

Mr. Zhu Chengjun, General Manager, ESS & Micro-grid Department, Utility Smart PV Business, Huawei Digital Power, looked forward to the cooperation with enthusiasm. He underscored the following points at the meeting. Huawei prioritizes scenario-based applications of products. Quality solutions are only available when blending product technologies with sufficient knowledge of customer and client scenarios. Huawei takes product safety and quality as its core competence and highlights products with "high net values" as driven by its technology prowess and market demands throughout product development.

Furthermore, Huawei Digital Power has blended new energy with the grid to build value scenarios by breaking new grounds in the application scenarios of mines, endeavoring to grow together with BatteroTech through mutual empowerment and devotion to a solid ecology-based partnership.

This meeting kicked off the cooperation between BatteroTech and Huawei Digital Power. In pursuit of a long-term and prudent strategic partnership, the two companies will expand their market presence, expedite the integration of energy resources with digitalization, and facilitate sustainable growth of green and ecological energy resources globally.

For more information, please visit BatteroTech’s official website:

BatteroTech Co., Ltd. is a lithium battery manufacturer dedicated in the new energy industry which is invested by Tsingshan Industry, one of the Fortune 500 companies.

BatteroTech is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and marketing of lithium batteries, battery modules, battery systems, etc. and committed to providing world-class solutions and services for new energy vehicle manufacturers and electric power investors who aim to achieve the goal of "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality". The company has set up R&D centers and manufacturing bases respectively located in Shanghai and Jiashan.

Source : Working Together on Green Ecology! Huawei Digital Power Leaders Visit BatteroTech


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