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Unicorn founder backs Multipolitan's pre-seed round

Multipolitan’s pioneering platform transforms global mobility, empowering individuals to explore, live, work and thrive anywhere in the world.

SINGAPORE, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Multipolitan, the world’s first product-driven global migration platform, has secured pre-seed funding from Lee Smith, the visionary entrepreneur behind Paidy, which was acquired for $2.7 billion by PayPal.

This strategic investment supports Multipolitan’s mission to empower a new generation of Multipolitans – ambitious individuals seeking freedom, opportunity and belonging through seamless global mobility solution.

Headquartered in Singapore, Multipolitan aims to revolutionize immigration by transforming it into a streamlined product-driven experience. Initially focusing on investment-based migration strategies for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), the company plans to scale its services to include visa and consular services, skilled migration, nomad visas, and business incorporation.

"We are building a brand that resonates with both the established and the aspiring. Multipolitans defy traditional notions of residency, understanding that true security lies in the ability to adapt and thrive amidst change," said Nirbhay Handa, CEO and Co-Founder of Multipolitan.

Are you a Multipolitan?

Are you a Multipolitan? (

High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) are increasingly transnational and mobile, seeking superior business and lifestyle opportunities. According to the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2024, the global population of HNWIs is projected to increase by 28.1% by 2028. This growth trajectory suggests that the number of HNWIs will exceed 100 million within the next five years, marking a 56.9% increase. This data indicates that the market for international mobility solutions is currently only beginning to realize its potential.

Highlighting the limitations and opportunities in the global immigration landscape, Sandeep Jain, COO and Co-Founder of Multipolitan, stated, "The traditional immigration landscape is ripe for disruption. Today, individuals and businesses seek to diversify investments and expand global mobility options but are consistently frustrated by archaic practices. Multipolitan’s product-driven approach places the customer at the center, delivering a seamless and frictionless user experience."

Co-Founder Lee Smith expressed his enthusiasm for supporting Multipolitan’s vision, saying, "Multipolitan is building a better future by connecting people and their skills to opportunities ripe for growth. Their innovative approach to global mobility is something I truly believe in and am excited to be a part of."

Multipolitan recognizes the evolving nature of sovereignty. As corporations rival nations in GDP and virtual realms disrupt traditional state dynamics, the company envisions a future where individuals maintain dual allegiances. Leveraging its expertise in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the blockchain capabilities of its parent firm EmergentX (, Multipolitan aids governments in building trust and engagement through advanced digital systems and e-governance policies. The company also assists governments in establishing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) grounded in principles of neutrality, sustainability, and legality.

Multipolitan’s services include:

Investment-based migration strategies Visa and consular services Skilled migration Nomad visas Education Services Business incorporation Government Advisory

Multipolitan’s mission statement, "Liberty, Security, and Mobility," reflects its core values and embodies a more state-than-corporate approach. The company strives to provide accessible and transparent immigration solutions, fostering individual freedom and security in a world of increasing mobility.

About Multipolitan:

Multipolitan is the world’s first and only product-driven global migration platform that streamlines the process of traveling, relocating, setting up businesses, and managing assets for the borderless enthusiast. With offices in Dubai and Singapore, Multipolitan enables families to navigate geopolitical risks, capitalize on global opportunities, and establish financial resilience.

About the Founders:

Nirbhay Handa, CEO and Co-Founder
Nirbhay has been an advisor to presidents, ministries, and public sector heads on FDI strategies. Formerly at Henley & Partners, Nirbhay was the Group Head of Business Development and Asia Head of Private Clients. He played a crucial role in reengineering Henley & Partners’ global business development strategy, overseeing a significant portion of the company’s fee-earning headcount across regions from South Africa to Israel and the USA to Hong Kong. Nirbhay graduated from the University of Nottingham on an academic scholarship.

Lee Smith, Co-Founder
Lee is a serial entrepreneur and a renowned investor. Before Multipolitan, Lee co-founded Paidy. This Japanese payment network achieved unicorn status with notable shareholders like Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Visa, and Fidelity. PayPal paid $2.7 billion to acquire the company in 2021.

Sandeep Jain, COO and Co-Founder
Sandeep’s impressive career journey includes working as a management consultant for Accenture and Infosys across the UK and India. He has built, managed, and recently exited a climate tech business where he raised capital from the Asian Development Bank. Sandeep graduated with honors on the Dean’s list from Bangalore University and became a Fulbright scholar, earning his Master’s degree at the University of Lancaster. 

Source : Unicorn founder backs Multipolitan's pre-seed round


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