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Unleash Responsive Power — ASICS Injects FF TURBO (TM) PLUS Midsole into SUPERBLAST (TM) 2 Shoe

– SUPERBLAST (TM) 2 shoe, Latest Edition of Popular Super Trainer Series, Now Available with Super Responsive and Comfortable FF TURBO (TM) PLUS Midsole, Featuring Approx. 8.0% Lighter, 6.0% Softer and 8.2% More Energy Return than FF BLAST (TM) TURBO foam of Previous Model –

KOBE, Japan, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ASICS Corporation is excited to unveil the SUPERBLAST (TM) 2 shoe, the top-tier model of ASICS’ bouncy and energized performance running shoes. The shoe’s uniqueness comes from the use of FF TURBO (TM) PLUS, a midsole previously used only in the ASICS’ flagship models — the METASPEED (TM) SKY PARIS and METASPEED (TM) EDGE PARIS — the race day choices for many elite runners. Users will experience an exceptional run every day with the SUPERBLAST (TM) 2 shoe, designed for runners who crave the exhilarating energy rebound and comfort that fuels the world’s best athletes.


ASICS is committed to delivering superior athletic performance through its core design philosophy of user testing, science, innovation and sustainability. At the heart of the SUPERBLAST (TM) 2 shoe is the FF TURBO (TM) PLUS foam, an engineering marvel that delivers super responsive cushioning. This advanced material not only enhances the runner’s performance by conserving energy during long runs but also saves the runners’ legs for the next performance. Compared to FF BLAST (TM) TURBO cushioning used for the previous model, FF TURBO (TM) PLUS cushioning is approximately 8% lighter and has an energy return of approximately +8.2% for a supercharged feel, making it approximately 6% softer. The midsole also features FF BLAST (TM) PLUS ECO cushioning made from approximately 24% bio-based material, and it realizes softer landings and energized toe-off.

Pushing the boundaries of technology, SUPERBLAST (TM) 2 shoe is equipped with ASICSGRIP (TM), an advanced outsole designed for off-road terrains that provides better traction and advanced comfort throughout a run. Also, the ENGINEERED WOVEN MESH UPPER, a one-piece, lightweight, and highly breathable woven fabric, will provide further comfort needed for the runners.

Laura Bolgen, Director of Product Management Department, Performance Running Footwear said, "Born from the evolution of various high-performance running shoes, the SUPERBLAST (TM) 2 shoe integrates our latest breakthrough, the FF TURBO (TM) PLUS midsole technology. This material is not only lighter and softer but also provides an exceptional energy return to help runners feel a new level of power and comfort with every step. The SUPERBLAST (TM) 2 shoe will boost your running efficiency and inspire your mind to reach new heights."

The SUPERBLAST (TM) 2 shoe weighs approx. 250g (size US9) and will become available for purchase on July 5, 2024, for $200.

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Source : Unleash Responsive Power — ASICS Injects FF TURBO (TM) PLUS Midsole into SUPERBLAST (TM) 2 Shoe


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