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Rokid AR Lite Exceeds $1 Million Milestone on Kickstarter with 15 Days Remaining

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rokid, a trailblazer in augmented reality technology, has achieved a significant milestone in its Kickstarter campaign for the Rokid AR Lite, surpassing $1 million in pledges with15 days left until the campaign concludes. This achievement underscores the enthusiastic support and growing demand for advanced AR solutions that enhance daily life.

Rokid AR Lite

Since its launch on May 27 2024, the Rokid AR Lite has captured the attention of backers worldwide, including tech enthusiasts, early adopters, and professionals eager to explore the potential of augmented reality in various applications.

"We are thrilled to announce that the Rokid AR Lite has crossed the $1 million mark on Kickstarter," said Misa, the CEO at Rokid. "The overwhelming support from our backers reaffirms the appeal of our innovative AR technology. With 15 days remaining, we look forward to continuing our momentum and reaching even more milestones."

Key features of the Rokid AR Lite include:

Immersive AR Experience: High-definition displays and advanced sensors deliver a rich and immersive augmented reality experience. Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and comfortable for extended use, designed to seamlessly integrate into daily activities. Versatile Applications: From gaming and entertainment to professional uses such as remote assistance and industrial design, the AR Lite adapts to diverse user needs. Intuitive Interface: Easy-to-use controls and seamless connectivity with smartphones enhance user interaction and functionality.

Backers of the Rokid AR Lite on Kickstarter can take advantage of exclusive early bird pricing and rewards, ensuring they are among the first to experience this cutting-edge technology.

The success of the Kickstarter campaign reflects a growing market demand for innovative AR solutions that empower users with new ways to learn, create, and interact.

For more information about the Rokid AR Lite and to support the campaign, visit Rokid AR Lite. Early backers can secure their units at discounted prices before the campaign concludes on July 11 2024.

About Rokid:

Rokid is a pioneer in augmented reality and artificial intelligence, committed to advancing technology that enhances human-machine interaction. With a focus on creating intuitive and immersive AR experiences, Rokid is shaping the future of computing and entertainment.

Source : Rokid AR Lite Exceeds $1 Million Milestone on Kickstarter with 15 Days Remaining


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