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Cantine CECI 1938 Presents ‘For the Future Sustainability Project’

The Iconic ‘Nerodilambrusco’ and the Brand-New ‘Bolledichardonnay’ In An Aluminium Bottle Sealed With A Cork and Cage For Sparkling Wine

TORRILE, ITALY – EQS Newswire – 26 June 2024 – The Cantine Ceci winery is launching the innovative ‘For the Future Sustainability Project’, combining a passion for quality winemaking with a firm commitment to an ever more sustainable production process.

Ceci 1938 For the Future Sustainability Project
Ceci 1938 For the Future Sustainability Project

The iconic Nerodilambrusco, a “manifesto in a bottle” for CECI 1938, and the winery’s new product Bolledichardonnay are now available in a 0.75 litre aluminium bottle with a neck designed to fit the classic cork, metal cage and seal: a genuine sparkling-wine bottle. One hundred percent infinitely recyclable, this brand-new container is also an elegant design piece, embodying the unique character that sets the winery apart. CECI 1938 is the first producer in the world to introduce this innovative type of container for its wines: a crucial decision for the winery, as packaging plays an especially significant role in the winemaking process.

The bottles have been paired with labels inspired by traditional wine production to emphasise continuity and highlight the product’s proven quality. The black opaque aluminium bottles feature aluminium labels in the classic Otello Ceci format. These square labels are divided into two horizontal sections, which display the name of the wine and the CECI 1938 logo. The two wines can be identified by the distinct colours on their bottles: the black background is paired with a warm gold tone for Nerodilambrusco and with a metallic platinum colour for Bolledichardonnay. These colours also feature on their respective seals.

The bottles also bear a striking second label marked ‘For the Future Sustainability Project’, placed above the main label. The lettering goes from white to intense fluorescent green in a gradient that represents the journey towards greater sustainability. The same fluorescent green also colours the ‘message’ that the bottle wears around its neck, a hang tag designed to attract the consumer’s attention with the playfully provocative ‘SO WHAT?’ in which the letter ‘A’ is replaced by the universal recycling symbol, underpinned by the abbreviation for aluminium. The label is completed with the payoff THINK GREEN. This is where Cantine Ceci presents the key features of the project in the form of a short text and a QR code that links to the winery’s website, where consumers can access more information.

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