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Revolutionizing U.S. Traffic: Seoul Robotics Launches First LiDAR-Controlled Intersection in Utah

SEOUL, South Korea and SALT LAKE CITY, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Seoul Robotics, a leading industrial autonomous driving company, proudly announces the successful deployment of its groundbreaking traffic signal system powered by LiDAR sensor data at the intersection of State Street and 5900 South in Murray, Utah. This marks its first intersection in the United States, where traffic signals are controlled directly by LiDAR technology, setting a new standard in traffic management.

Revolutionizing U.S. Traffic: Seoul Robotics Launches First LiDAR-Controlled Intersection in Utah

Initiated by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), the project addresses critical needs for advanced sensor technology that can detect, count, and track vehicles and other road users under any weather conditions. The installation in Murray, located in southern Salt Lake City, is powered by Seoul Robotics’ 3D Perception engine, housed in a compact edge device, and utilizes LiDAR sensors at each corner of the intersection. The cutting-edge 3D Perception Engine, developed by Seoul Robotics, uses LiDAR data to create a digital twin of the intersection to feed data to optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion.

The project also hosts the expert collaboration between Seoul Robotics, Gades Sales Company, and Blue Band. Gades Sales Company, the local distributor, played a crucial role in installing and ensuring the system was optimally integrated into the local infrastructure. Meanwhile, Blue-Band’s software acts as a critical interface, translating the data processed by Seoul Robotics’ 3D Perception Engine into signal commands compatible with existing traffic controllers. This collaborative effort guarantees the system’s adaptability to all commonly used traffic controller models in the U.S.

The site installation and its commissioning were completed successfully, with minimal disruption to the public. Seoul Robotics’ non-invasive solution mounts directly onto existing infrastructure without significant road work and infrastructure changes. The team mentioned their expectation of the entire set-up to be completed within two working days for further deployment. The team is also  vigorously working on process efficiency and user-friendly interfaces. Since its installation in March 2024, the system has been operating flawlessly, demonstrating a significant leap in deployment efficiency and public convenience.

The LiDAR-based system supports traffic management features, including precise stop-bar detection, advanced vehicle detection up to 300 feet from the stop bar, and red light running. Additionally, the system boasts a vehicle counting accuracy of 99.8% at the stop bar.

Lee Han-bin, CEO of Seoul Robotics, mentioned, "Since its installation, our LiDAR-based traffic management system has consistently demonstrated excellent detection and tracking of objects, ensuring reliable performance across all weather conditions. This technology not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern traffic systems."

Beyond managing vehicle flow, the system also enhances traffic engineering by accurately counting and monitoring Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs), such as pedestrians and cyclists at crosswalks and curbsides. This data is crucial for traffic engineers aiming to further develop and improve intersections for the safety and convenience of VRUs. The technology opens the way for smart crossings where the traffic controller can adapt to the different mobility needs of pedestrians by adjusting the greenlight time.

By leveraging deep learning and extensive expertise in 3D computer vision, Seoul Robotics ensures that all perceived objects are accurately tracked and classified in real time, enhancing safety and traffic flow across multiple road user types.

Founded in 2017, Seoul Robotics has established itself as a key player in the industrial autonomous driving market, serving major global automotive OEMs and smart cities around the world. The company is actively expanding its reach, partnering with distributors, states and municipalities across the country to innovate traffic systems. Seoul Robotics invites interested parties to contact [email protected] to see the innovation in action and explore how Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) can be integrated into your urban environments, aiming to alleviate congestion and enhance commuting efficiencies.

About Seoul Robotics:

Seoul Robotics excels in 3D perception technology, driving advancements in autonomous vehicle technologies with its Level 5 Control Tower software. In preparation for a 2025 IPO, the company is engaging in a pre-IPO funding round to enhance global partnerships and reinforce its market leadership.

For partnership inquiries and more information, contact [email protected]

Source : Revolutionizing U.S. Traffic: Seoul Robotics Launches First LiDAR-Controlled Intersection in Utah


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