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Yiwu Merchant on Yiwugo: My Fridge Magnets Are Sold Everywhere by the Sea

YIWU, China, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — "Fridge magnets are not just decorations; they are proof that I’ve been to this lovely place, embodying my cherished memories". This sentiment, echoed by many online users, reflects the recent surge in popularity of fridge magnets., the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. Recent data from Yiwugo indicates a steady rise in the search volume for the keyword "fridge magnets" from March 1 to June 1, 2024, with the number of related orders rising by 228% compared to the previous year. Transaction volumes are also 1.78 times higher than last year. In light of this trend, Yiwugo reached out to two leading fridge magnet manufacturers to understand the current market dynamics. One of the business owners proudly claimed, "My fridge magnets are sold everywhere by the sea".

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Chen Lili, the owner of Lifei Crafts, has been a leading fridge magnet manufacturer for about 15 years. She explained that her company specializes in creating ocean-themed fridge magnets using natural shells and wood. They offer a wide range of designs, featuring holiday themes and seaside motifs, mostly developed in collaboration with clients and sold exclusively through targeted channels. "My fridge magnets are sold in every coastal area you can name," she confidently stated.

Taking Hawaii as an example, Lifei Crafts exports millions of natural shell-decorated fridge magnets there every month. Remarkably, all these designs are personally created by Chen Lili and her husband, who co-owns the company. They actively engage with the market by gathering feedback from clients, leading to the annual release of hundreds of new designs.

Chen Lili’s trust in the Yiwugo platform is largely due to the fact that all of her Maldives clients came through inquiries on Yiwugo. Each client’s annual purchase volume ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

In addition to offering a diverse range of products, Lifei Crafts ensures that their fridge magnets maintain vibrant colors by using the industry’s best wooden drip-coating machines. They invest significantly in machine maintenance each year to uphold their quality standards. Last year, the company imported new acrylic machines from Japan and is currently developing a series of acrylic products. Chen Lili believes that, after some time for new product creation and market acceptance, their acrylic fridge magnets will become mainstream by next year.

Similarly, Zhenghao Crafts, with 17 years in the industry, focuses on producing and selling resin and wooden fridge magnets. They specialize in designs featuring international landscapes, architecture, famous artworks, and Chinese city landmarks, as well as food-themed fridge magnets.

The owner, Zhao Qun, mentioned that, the company released over 100 new products in June. This year, they have seen a significant increase in clients from the Philippines, with resin and hand-painted ocean-themed fridge magnets being particularly popular. Orders for fridge magnets depicting various locations in the Philippines often exceed 100,000 units per location.

Zhao Qun noted that since 2023, the fridge magnet industry has experienced a significant boom. Realistic plastic fridge magnets shaped like lobsters, crabs, and sea turtles have become very popular in coastal areas like Egypt, Barcelona, Philippines, and Mexico, with monthly exports exceeding 300,000 units. Domestically, last year also saw strong demand, with "Guo Chao" (Chinese fashion) fridge magnets becoming a hot item in the domestic market. Even as late as the 28th day of the last lunar month, with logistics almost halted, the company was still shipping products to cities like Beijing and Harbin, where winter tourism was at its peak.

Currently, the popularity of fridge magnets continues to grow. Both Lifei Crafts and Zhenghao Crafts are actively releasing new products, including acrylic magnets and designs themed around different cities. So, the next time you buy a fridge magnet during your travels, it might just come from one of these Yiwu-based manufacturers.

Source : Yiwu Merchant on Yiwugo: My Fridge Magnets Are Sold Everywhere by the Sea


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