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New partnership combines Surfline’s industry-leading camera and relive technology with Endless Surf’s world-class waves.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Surfline and Endless Surf announced a new strategic partnership, which will deliver transformational benefits for surfer progression and unlock significant revenue opportunities for wave parks globally.

This partnership pairs together Surfline’s industry-leading camera and relive technology with Endless Surf’s next-generation surf park technology.

Surfline, the leading arbiter of good waves globally, has identified Endless Surf as a future standard bearer in wave technology and is designating participating surf parks powered by Endless Surf as Surfline ‘Premier Parks’. Premier Parks will have access to Surfline’s industry-leading camera infrastructure which will enable them to provide live streaming and relive video experiences to their customers. Premier Parks will benefit not only from Surfline’s technology, but also Surfline’s reach, powerful marketing platform and global audience of millions of surfers, allowing Premier Parks to drive bookings and find new customers.

Surfline is also on the eve of launching their AI-based camera technology, which will further establish them as the place where every surfer’s life lives. This experience will launch at key spots in ocean environments during summer 2024 and select wave pools shortly after. Endless Surf parks around the world will be able to leverage this same technology to offer customers video clips during and after visits to participating parks.

"We are thrilled to partner with Endless Surf," said Ross Garrett, CEO of Surfline. "By pairing our camera technology with Endless Surf’s next-generation wave technology, we will create incredible new experiences and accelerate innovation for pool and ocean surfers."

Paul Chutter, President of Endless Surf, notes how natural of a fit this partnership is, saying, "This partnership is strategically significant for both of us. The Premier Parks offering enhances the Endless Surf experience for both our customers building surf venues and the end-user that will surf, and now relive, our world-class waves. We’re proud to partner with a likeminded company to continue shaping the future of surfing beyond the ocean."

Both companies are excited to build on their histories of innovation and delivering authentic value to surfers. This new alliance will further boost the surf park business model, as it unlocks significant revenue opportunities for participating venues. Stay tuned for more as Surfline launches its AI-based technology this summer, and as over a dozen Endless Surf projects in development progress globally.

To learn more about these companies visit Surfline.com and EndlessSurf.com



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