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Petaboo The Quietest 40 dB Pet Blow Dryer Officially Launches in the U.S. Market

LOS ANGELES, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As an innovator in pet product solutions, committed to continuous exploration and innovation, Petaboo is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest groundbreaking product this summer — Petaboo Levante 400

Petaboo Levante 400 Pet Blow Dryer New Release

We understanding the importance of a quiet blow dryer, Petaboo is designed to provide pet-owning families with a quiet, comfortable, and time-saving pet hair care solution. The Levante 400 uses advanced noise reduction technology to ensure a quiet, stress-free pet drying experience. Especially with an ultra-quiet mode at just 40 dB, providing pets with a relaxed and happy moment for drying their fur. 

Moreover, its powerful 280 mph wind speed, equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane, dries pets five times faster than traditional dryers. This provides an efficient and enjoyable drying experience for both pets and pet owners.

Levante 400 also features 50,000,000 negative ions that effectively repair pet hair cuticles, improving the health and shine of pet’s fur and skin. Ensures pets enjoy consistently smooth, lustrous, and fluffy fur. 

Petaboo is dedicated to creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment, reducing pet anxiety and allowing every pet owner to share wonderful, comfortable moments with our furry friends.

Key Features of the Petaboo Levante 400 Blow Dryer Range:

Whisper Quiet-40dB: With patented multi-layer noise reduction technology, reducing the noise level to as low as 40 dB. Super Powerful Wind Speed: Self-developed high-speed compact brushless motor with a revolutionary air velocity of up to 280mph, drying 5 times faster than traditional hair dryers. Convenient Vehicle Mode: Innovative vehicle mode operates via vehicle socket, making pet drying convenient on the road (with low voltage operation 150W, suitable for most vehicles). Smooth and Shiny Fur: 50,000,000 negative ions neutralize static on the surface of the fur, reducing the attraction between hairs, making it easier to comb and leaving the fur smoother and shiny. Adjustable Airflow: The 01-99 levels of airflow can be viewed on the high-definition digital screen, allowing precise control over wind speed 3 Multifunctional Nozzles: Equipped with round, flat, and wide-tooth comb nozzles, catering to different pet fur and customized drying solutions.

Bob Xu, the founder of Petaboo said: "I always put pets’ comfort and joy at the forefront, so in producing Petaboo L400 blow dryer, I have carefully considered the sensitivities of our furry companions, providing a drying solution that both pets and owners will find delightful."

In this summer, let your furry friend fully enjoy swimming and bathing, and let’s create unforgettable drying moments with the Levante 400. We treat your pet like a treasure and cherish this special summer time together. Petaboo Levante 400 Pet Blow Dryer is now available from today on Petaboo’s local Amazon US store, with a suggested retail price of $99.

About Petaboo 

Launched in 2023, Petaboo focuses on smart pet home living and outdoor travel supplies, offering intelligent and safe products and services for pet health and well-being. With the motto "Caring for Pets, Caring for You," Petaboo aims to lighten the burden of pet care and create ideal companions for harmonious human-pet living. Our products are not just smart but also filled with love and care for furry companions. From indoor to outdoor settings, Petaboo utilizes cutting-edge technology and innovative design to provide pets with the most comfortable and natural living conditions, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable pet-owning experience.


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