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Mileseey Launches The World's Highest-Grade Digital Laser Tape Measure for Creativity

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mileseey, the leading brand of laser measurement tools in the world, launches the industry-first modular digital laser tape measure specifically engineered to empower creativity, the XTape1.

The XTape1 is the world’s 1st modular digital laser tape measure combining a leading-edge digital tape and laser measuring unit in a modular setup. Boasting innovative creativity-driven features, it empowers interior designers, home decor enthusiasts, and DlY lovers to elevate the quality of their projects and unleash their full creative potential.

The brand’s most advanced digital laser tape is now available for discounted pre-sale at $199 on Kickstarter. Click the link to reserve your spot as a super early bird and enjoy 50% off.

Measuring Any Distance, Short or Distant
The perfect pair of digital tape with a laser measure not only allows easy measurements of short distances, like sizing a piece of wood with the tape, but the distance to inaccessible areas, like capturing dimensions of ceilings using the laser. A clear OLED screen accurately displays the measurement from both the tape and the laser, achieved easily by a mode switch.

Tool Sustainability Redefined
"The significant upgrade we’ve made is the modular product form, designed to redefine sustainability", said Tommy, the CDO at Mileseey.

Creative people are tired of their creative flow being interrupted by the tools that easily wear out. They place sustainability as the priority of the tools they use, which is the key factor that inspires the modular innovation, making the device more enduring than ever, because you can easily swap the old modular, and your device will quickly refresh and rejuvenate to be brand new.

Peak Accuracy, Top-quality Projects
Accuracy is a key factor that determines the quality of a digital tape product. The XTape1 utilizes currently the most advanced tape reading technology—the Super OptiTracking Engine™ to digitalize the data, offering an unrivaled accuracy within 1/32". This is seen in contrast to the old-fashioned optical reading technology to produce digital data, which usually has the problem of inconsistent accuracy and occasional readout failures.

"The advanced technology provides more consistent accuracy than ever, laying a solid foundation for the top-quality project", said Dr. Luo, the CTO at Mileseey.

"Our latest tape reading technology also contains the leading-edge self-checking algorithms that adjust to various environmental factors, such as mud, water, dust, and tape scratches, offering unshakable accuracy even in the harshest conditions", Dr. Luo added.

Highest-Grade Green Laser Line, Easy Alignment across Surfaces
While the green laser line is not an uncommon feature for digital tape, the available digital tapes with green laser on the market only project the line to the left and right of the device. The XTape1 upgrades the green laser line to industry level, with the ability to line up items across multiple wall surfaces, perfect for aligning wall hangings like pictures, cabinets, or other decorative elements." Said Tommy.

Versatile Measuring Features
The first-of-its-kind 1/N line split function automatically divides a line into N equal smaller segments, allowing for easy placements of objects at even intervals. The Incremental measurement only involves a click of the "zero" button to clear the measurement of the previous increment, avoiding cumbersome math calculations when measuring increments.

Industry-first Live Angle Display, More Intuitive Angle Measurement
The XTape1 is also distinguished by a unique live angle display, which updates real-time angle changes and gives you immediate angle feedback and confirmation in angle measurements. "We used to have numbers to indicate the tilt angles, and now we transform the numbers into a more intuitive live angle display when the angle changes, and this a feature that significantly enhances user experience". Tommy addressed.

A Marvel of Design
There are lots of thoughts that went into the design of XTape1, showcasing a perfect combination of performance and design innovation, ensuring it not only works cool, but looks cool. "We want to make a tool that can serve as a perfect companion for creative people, a tool that well fits their identity and professionalism". Said Jore, the CEO at Mileseey.The XTape1 is perhaps the first pro-grade digital tape measure designed not only to offer functional benefits, but emotional and social benefits.

The Mileseey XTape1 is dedicated to people who are passionate about creative works, helping to turn their great ideas from vision into reality. The revolutionary product is now available on KS. Please click the link to back our campaign and reserve your super early bird spot.

Together we create a world where creativity thrives.

Integrating R & D, manufacturing, and customer support, Mileseey comes as a global leader in the intelligent laser measurement industry, with over 15 years of perseverance and ingenuity in the field. Capitalizing on our cutting-edge photoelectric technology, Mileseey aims to provide increasingly intelligent and efficient measuring solutions for both industrial engineering and everyday life.

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