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BiyaPay Marks 5th Anniversary with New Zealand FSP License and Global Expansion

Global multi-asset trading wallet BiyaPay, established in 2019, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year.

SINGAPORE, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BiyaPay has recently announced the acquisition of the New Zealand FSP securities license, enhancing the security and transparency of its financial services. This milestone signifies another significant upgrade for the company. Moving forward, professional investors will be able to trade not only digital currencies but also U.S. and Hong Kong stocks securely on the BiyaPay platform. This service underscores BiyaPay’s technology-driven brokerage capabilities, allowing seamless trading of U.S. and Hong Kong stocks and digital currencies on one platform, providing unmatched convenience for investors.

Over the past five years, BiyaPay has evolved, thrived, and succeeded, consistently maintaining its leadership in the global digital currency market. Reflecting on these years, there have been both highs and lows, but BiyaPay’s commitment to prioritizing users and pursuing excellence has garnered long-term trust. On this fifth anniversary, BiyaPay aims to share its growth journey, review past experiences, and focus on increasing technological innovation and expanding the global market to offer safer and more convenient financial services. The hard work of the past will not be in vain, and we look forward to a brighter future.

Currently, BiyaPay supports real-time exchange and queries for over 20 fiat currencies and more than 200 digital currencies, as well as real-time trading of U.S. and Hong Kong stocks. As of December 2023, BiyaPay’s daily trading volume for U.S. and Hong Kong stocks exceeded $10 million, and the total remittance transaction volume surpassed $1 billion, establishing itself as a trusted multi-asset trading platform for users worldwide.

Global investors have reached a consensus: "On BiyaPay, you can exchange digital and fiat currencies online with no limits." Over the past five years, BiyaPay has continually engaged its loyal users, attracted new customers, and steadily gained recognition in the global market.

Five Years of Growth and Achievements

Since 2019, BiyaPay has transformed from a follower to a market trendsetter, keeping pace with mainstream trends while diversifying its product line to become a comprehensive trading wallet.

With a single wallet, investors can conveniently trade virtual assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as stocks, options, futures, contracts, and ETFs; manage investments effectively; and evaluate the risks of different assets comprehensively. Looking ahead, BiyaPay plans to offer more diversified products and services in compliance with regulations.

In May 2019, BiyaPay entered wealth management with new financial functions.
From June to July 2020, BiyaPay obtained U.S. MSB and Canadian MSB financial services licenses.
In September 2022, the highly anticipated U.S. and Hong Kong stock trading functions launched.
In January 2023, BiyaPay obtained the RIA license from the U.S. SEC.
In September 2023, BiyaPay launched its digital currency spot trading function.
In November 2023, BiyaPay introduced margin trading.
In March 2024, BiyaPay launched spot leveraged trading.
In April 2024, BiyaPay introduced stock options trading.
In May 2024, BiyaPay obtained the New Zealand FSP securities license.
In early June 2024, BiyaPay upgraded its global remittance function.

BiyaPay CEO Barton Wang stated that acquiring the New Zealand FSP securities license and upgrading the global remittance function are significant milestones. He said, "Global demand for digital currency assets continues to grow, and we are pleased to further meet customer needs in this key area, regardless of their financial background or experience." He also discussed future plans, including expanding BiyaPay’s services to new markets and launching new products to meet evolving customer needs.

Exploring More Investment Scenarios

Upcoming support for VISA physical cards, enabling seamless online and offline payments and ATM withdrawals. Supporting a wider range of local currency transfers, ensuring same-day arrivals globally. Facilitating digital currency purchases and sales via credit cards and other methods, offering users more convenient and diverse wallet functions. Providing users with bank accounts, supporting real-time fund transfers with all brokers without the need for additional bank accounts. Future plans include implementing zero-fee online spot trading for digital currencies. Expanding investment options to include forex, commodity futures, and more.

Looking Ahead Together

On the fifth anniversary, BiyaPay’s CEO expressed confidence about the future: "Our five years of dedication and achievements showcase our team’s strength and potential. We will continue to uphold our ‘user-centric’ approach, enhance technological innovation, expand our global presence, and offer users safer and more convenient financial services."

BiyaPay remains dedicated to creating value for users, driving corporate growth, and writing an even more remarkable chapter. The five-year growth journey is just the beginning. BiyaPay will continue to forge ahead with innovation-driven growth and service-led market success, aiming to become a leader in the global multi-asset trading space.

Simultaneously, BiyaPay will keep a close eye on regulatory and policy requirements, ensuring compliance as its foundation, and providing users with safe, high-quality, and compliant asset allocation services. The company will collaborate with all stakeholders to build a robust financial ecosystem.

About BiyaPay

BiyaPay is a global multi-asset trading wallet that uses USDT as a medium, 【recharge USDT to exchange for USD】, supporting over 20 fiat currencies and 200 digital currencies for exchange, offering secure and fast international remittances; It also 【supports USDT trading of U.S. and Hong Kong stocks】, allowing users to participate in real-time stock trading without the need for offshore accounts. With one account and one fund, users can invest globally in the U.S. and Hong Kong stock markets.

Website: https://www.biyapay.io/
Customer Service Telegram: https://t.me/biyapay001
Telegram Community: https://t.me/biyapay_ch
Customer Service Email: [email protected]

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