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Discover a New Way to Go Camping with ETaker

WASHINGTON, June 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — "Overlanders, car campers, van lifers and RV lovers all dreamed about converting to fully electric systems and stopping the use of propane. However, the cost and complexity of setting up conventional electric systems remain out of reach for most enthusiasts, ETAKER changed the game with simple, compact and portable power solutions that let anyone enjoy a much safer and more convenient electric camping experience. From weekend warriors to full-time overlanders, you’ll find a solution that fits your needs."

ETaker Smart Alternator Charger Fleet1000 Experience All-Electric Camping with ETAKER

Compact Powerhouse: The M2000

Space is a premium in RVs and SUVs, making the M2000’s compact design a game changer. It is 50% smaller and 30% lighter than competitors’ 4kW power stations, without compromising on power. Equipped with a Semi-solid state battery, GaN inverter, and an integrated alloy design, the M2000 ensures you have reliable power wherever your adventures take you. Beyond vehicle use, it seamlessly transitions to settings like campsites and backyards, offering a versatile solution that reduces the need for multiple devices.

Driving Fast Charger Fleet 1000 Compatible with M2000 Portable Power Station Generator, Car and Solar Max 1000W Fast Charging Batteries suitable for Gasoline RVs, Diesel Cars

Revolutionizing On-the-Go Power: Fleet 1000 Kits

Say goodbye to slow AC charging, unreliable solar power, and the trickle charge from a cigarette lighter. The ETAKER Fleet 1000 smart alternator charger transforms on-the-go power solutions. Connecting directly to your car battery and rooftop solar modules, it turbo-charges the M2000 Power station. Generate 1 kWh in just one hour of driving and fully charge the 2kWh capacity in a little over two hours. Embrace fast, efficient charging and eliminate downtime.

The M2000’s AC-LINK Tech delivers high performance, ramping up to 4kWh and 4kW, making it compatible with 99% of electrical equipment. Whether keeping refrigerators cool or running pressure control systems, the M2000 handles high-capacity and high-power demands effortlessly, all while remaining portable and easy to use.

Built-in stabilizer and accelerometer detect car motion, automatically activating charging when driving starts and stopping during inactivity. Power adapts and protects against low battery voltage. The 6063 aluminum alloy shell with fin design and fan ensures efficient heat dissipation and quiet charging.

Experience All-Electric Camping with ETAKER

ETAKER upgrades your off-grid excursions to All-Electric Camping, providing peace of mind on your travels. Advanced materials and technology, such as the GaN inverter, reduce heat generation and, combined with its alloy case, cut noise by 60%. Operating at under 1kW, the power station is virtually silent. The built-in low-temperature preheat technology ensures operation in temperatures as low as -30°C. The semi-solid state battery, comprising 92% solid electrolytes, offers superior safety over traditional lithium batteries, and the one-piece molded six-series alloy casing provides robust physical protection.

With ETAKER, elevate your adventures beyond expectations. We redefine the camping experience to be as free and adventurous as the spirits who embark on them.

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