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"Green Energy" Brings Charging Piles to Mountain Villages

ZIBO, China, June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On June 4, Sun Juan, a resident of Zhujiahu Village in Yanya Town, Yiyuan County, Shandong Province, came to the solar-powered charging pile near her home to charge her new energy vehicle while she had to travel five kilometers to the town for charging previously.

"It used to be inconvenient to charge my car because the charging pile was far from my village. Now, it only takes a few minutes to get there with the charging piles installed right in my village. It’s incredibly convenient," Sun Juan said happily.

Zhujiahu Village, located in the mountains of Yanya Town, Yiyuan County, had been a shortage of charging piles due to its remoteness. In response to the villagers’ need for electric vehicle charging, the State Grid Yiyuan County Power Supply Company (managed by State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company) promptly collaborated with the local government to extend power supply services to the mountain village where three electric vehicle charging piles and photovoltaic carports were installed in the parking lot of scenic area in the village, which creates a complementary system between photovoltaics, charging piles, and energy storage with the full use of resources so as to facilitate green travel for electric vehicles.

"We identified over 100 villages with a need for charging piles after village surveys, so we have been installing charging piles in these villages since 2019. To date, we have established 28 electric vehicle charging stations and 114 charging piles, which basically meet the charging needs of villagers for electric vehicles," said Wang Zhentao, a staff of the State Grid Yiyuan County Power Supply Company.

Currently, Yiyuan County actively promotes the transformation of its structure towards "new" and energy structure towards "green", deepening the integrated advancement of clean energy construction across all sectors, elements, chains, and processes as well as leveraging regional resource advantages to emphasize both "ecology plus" and "green plus" and enhance its capacity for energy absorption and transmission. At present, the total installed capacity of new energy in Yiyuan County has reached 569,000 kilowatts, with an average annual power generation of 410 million kilowatt-hours, which translates to an annual saving of 147,600 tons of standard coal and a reduction of approximately 408,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.


Source : "Green Energy" Brings Charging Piles to Mountain Villages


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