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Six Aion's Latest Innovations, Intelligent Electric Vehicle Solutions for Indonesian Consumers

JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Aion presented solutions for consumers in Indonesia with its latest circuit technology in electric cars. As a company with a mission of leading-edge technology, Aion continues to innovate by providing advanced technologies that users can now enjoy. One of these innovations is AEP 4.0, a comprehensive, advanced EV platform focusing on modularity, efficiency, connectivity, and sustainability. With AEP 4.0 technologies, users can now experience a sensational driving performance akin to driving a supercar, with speeds reaching 300 km/h, and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds with a single motor, or 1.9 seconds with multi-motor power.

Aion also introduces an integrated 4-in-1 electric drive that successfully combines a dual-motor system, controller, and two-speed reducers, producing power up to 340 kW. This system streamlines the drive system by 90%, increases power by 13%, reduces vehicle volume by 30%, and decreases vehicle component weight by 25%. Through this technological innovation, Aion has secured over 70 patents, including 29 for new inventions.

Aion’s super-fast charging battery technology is revolutionary, enabling a 200 km trip with just 5 minutes of charging, which is six times faster than its competitors. This advancement is supported by a series of innovations, such as the adoption of high-level porosity ceramic-coated separators and the utilization of three-dimensional graphene (3DG) materials.

Xingling Architecture is Aion’s electronic and electric command framework that integrates high-speed Ethernet connections with 5G networks and advanced security features to enhance the performance of BEV and hybrid vehicles. The Xingling architecture is based on a digital mirror cloud and consists of three core computer cluster components with a centralized computing system, significantly enhancing intelligent driving through a multi-fusion sensor system. This system combines 39 sensors, including Fengyun-3 long-range infrared vision technology and second-generation zoom LIDAR, providing clear visuals and accurate obstacle detection in various conditions, including poor weather and lighting.

Aion’s technological innovations also include ADiGO 4.0, a smart driving system that combines advanced sensors and high-precision maps, enabling superior automatic driving capabilities. This innovation features the G-OS operating system, offering enhanced HMI with large 14.6/15.6-inch screens and AI-driven personalization to enhance the user experience.

Aion has invested more than 500 million yuan in research and development to advance battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in terms of health, environment, and smart connections, leading to Aion’s "Intelligent Healthy Cabin." This innovation, the first of its kind in China, includes solar fresh air filtration, a dual-flow heat pump air conditioning system, and industry-standard interior materials with electromagnetic protection. With these innovations, Aion has obtained the first level-A certification in China for CN95 health cabins and electromagnetic-free cabins. This innovation includes the world’s first remote medical filtration and sterilization system, offering scheduled or immediate sterilization options remotely. Additionally, Aion introduces the "Chinese Medicine Fragrance for the 24 Solar Terms" technology, the world’s first in-car health care technology, which has passed sterilization and virus-killing tests above national safety standards.

PT Indomobil Energi Baru CEO, Andry Ciu reveals, "According to the government’s target to reach two million users by 2030, Aion is present in Indonesia to support the government’s agenda by introducing intelligent driving companions. Through the latest technological innovations that Aion possesses, we believe we can disrupt the national automotive industry with electric cars that offer value for money in line with national standards. Thus, the Indonesian community has more choices of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly electric vehicles, which also contribute directly to the environment in line with the Indonesian government’s sustainable agenda."

About GAC Aion

GAC Aion is one of the prominent brands in the automotive industry, known because of its innovation, technical excellence and commitment to sustainability. With focus on quality, safety, and superior user experiences, GAC Aion continues to be the first option for drivers around the world.

GAC Aion proudly announces that its brand has achieved first place award from JD Power China. GAC Aion has ranked first as the electric vehicle brand with the best quality. This is based on the China Vehicle Quality Reporting Guidelines covered in the Motor Vehicle Product Safety – Risk Assessment Guidelines.

Rankings given by Aqisqauto include a comprehensive report on five main topics: error reporting, error risk, reliability, safety, and environmental preservation. This shows that GAC Aion has succeeded in all measured aspects, affirming its reputation as a brand that not only prioritizes quality, but also safety and sustainability..

All this achievement proves that 1 million unit sales can be retrieved in only 4 years 8 months from 2019 until December 2023. GAC Aion also ranked third in the world as the best electric vehicle in the world.

Source : Six Aion's Latest Innovations, Intelligent Electric Vehicle Solutions for Indonesian Consumers


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