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EZVIZ unveils its groundbreaking H9c Dual-lens Smart Pan-and-tilt Camera series: a new paradigm for automated, all-round outdoor protection

By combining a pan-and-tilt panoramic lens and a fixed 180-degree wide-angle lens, one H9c Dual smartly secures large areas with performance better than that of two ordinary ones.

HOOFDDORP, Netherlands, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — EZVIZ, a leading global player in innovative smart home security, proudly introduces the H9c Dual series, its latest dual-lens outdoor pan-and-tilt cameras that redefine smart protection for homes and small businesses. With options in 2K and 3K resolutions, their groundbreaking design combines a sharp bullet camera and a flexible PT camera, addressing complex security needs effectively. The interlinked dual lenses work collaboratively to safeguard wide property areas, detect and track activities, and offer auto-patrol options for hands-free security.

"The H9c Dual challenges traditional outdoor cameras with unrivaled vision, unmatched automation, and high versatility for basically any scenario," said Candice Tu, the lead product manager, "EZVIZ leads the way in the development and application of advanced dual-lens technology. This underlines our dedication to bringing cutting-edge technology within reach for practical, everyday situations."

At the core of the H9c Dual is its groundbreaking dual-lens technology, highlighted by EZVIZ’s distinctive co-action function. The two lenses can work independently at two static viewing angles or act together as a team. When the fixed lens detects motions, the pan-and-tilt lens automatically rotates to track the same activity. This co-action function can also be manually controlled through the EZVIZ App.

The series addresses unnoticed blind spots by offering a 180-degree comprehensive view in a single frame, supplemented by the bottom PT lens for intricate close-ups. Both lenses, with high resolutions of 2K/3K, use built-in AI chips to detect people and vehicles in customizable zones, ensuring users are informed of crucial activities. Users can set up to four patrol spots for the PT lens to complete automatic rotations on a schedule.

Equipped with powerful LEDs, the H9c Dual provides color night vision up to 40 meters and warns potential trespassers with a loud siren and dazzling flashlight upon detection. Offering superior protection compared to a traditional two-camera system, the H9c is a breeze to set up thanks to its adaptable mounting design. Users can manage and control their H9c through the user-friendly EZVIZ App, and enjoy seamless integration with prevailing voice assistants and the larger EZVIZ ecosystem.

Learn more at www.ezviz.com.

Source : EZVIZ unveils its groundbreaking H9c Dual-lens Smart Pan-and-tilt Camera series: a new paradigm for automated, all-round outdoor protection


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