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"ECA Expo 2024" Officially opens

HONG KONG, May 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The " ECA Expo 2024" ("Expo"), organized by the Exhibition Group, will be held from today until 5 May at Hall 1CDE of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event brings together sports and athletics, moral cultivation, cultural and arts, leisure activities, scientific discovery, musical development, academic cognition, social welfare, and socialization. Through nine major themes including course experiences, course enrollment, course trials, learning, entertainment, shopping, and exciting performances, ECA Expo serves as a direct and comprehensive platform for kindergarten and primary school students under 12 years old, teachers, and parents hoping for diversified development opportunities for their children. Visitors also have the chance to participate in prize draws and on-site quiz games to win tickets to Ocean Park or Cube O Discovery Park, and over a hundred exquisite gifts.

The opening ceremony was officiated by Mr. Alvin Chiu, Political Asst to Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism of Culture, Professor Herman Hu, the Vice-President of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, Mr. Wong Po Kee, the Honorary Deputy Secretary General of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, Mr. Zhu Jianping, the Deputy Head of Sports Section of the Department of Publicity, Cultural and Sports Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR, Ms. Helena Chen, Managing Director of Hong Kong & Macau, Mastercard Worldwide, Mr. Carl Wong, Chairman of Exhibition Group, Mr. Wong Kam Po, SBS, MH, the champion of UCI Track Cycling World Championships, Miss Yip Pui Yin, the former badminton representative of Hong Kong, China, Mr. Lee Chun Ho, the Members of Athletes Committee of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, and Miss Yam Hui Yin, the basketball representative of Hong Kong, China.

The current consumer trends have shifted significantly, with over one-third of parents spending more than $5,000 per month on extracurricular activities, reflecting a high level of importance placed on these activities for their children. Among them, nearly 60% of parents primarily focus on academic and interest-related courses and activities, demonstrating their keen interest in fostering their children’s learning and interests. The choices made by these parents reflect their desire to provide their children with diverse learning opportunities to promote their comprehensive development in academics and interests. This may also signify their belief in the positive impact of these courses and activities on their children’s future growth and success.

"ECA Expo" breaks conventions by not only providing a more direct and comprehensive platform for children and parents but also allowing them to personally experience and understand the unique features of each exhibitor within the venue. This enables them to make informed decisions before participating in courses or purchasing educational materials, moving away from relying solely on word of mouth or empty talk. The exhibition features various occupational and sports experiences, such as flight simulator, ice hockey, practical shooting (IPSC), skiing, archery, magic badminton, etc. Only through firsthand experience can children make suitable choices. The venue also includes multiple "check-in" hotspots, including a 5-meter-high polar bear, a mother and cub bear check-in area, a dinosaur tunnel, a giant inflatable trampoline in the exploratory amusement area, and an animal exploration area for situated learning, with polar bears walking around the venue. The competitions continue to garner the attention, such as the Jervis HK 3X3 Tournament Basketball, the Future Star Martial Arts Competition, "Future Star Artistic Gymnastics Championship 2024", "Hong Kong Chess Master Tournament 2024", and the Parent-Child Creative Sushi Competition, catering to the needs of children of different ages. Various parent-child talks also will be held on the main stage and lecture area, offering practical tips for parents from Mr. Wong Kam Po, SBS, MH, the champion of UCI Track Cycling World Championships on "Encouraging children to participate in sports" and "Growing up with Arts – Further Education," among others. 

Mr. Carl Wong, chairman of the Exhibition Group, states, "We aim for ECA Expo 2024 to become a carnival welcomed by parents and children. In addition to courses, there are many competitions and experiences on-site for children to participate in, enabling them to discover their own interests. Parents can also personally experience and understand the unique advantages and features of exhibitors, thereby discovering students’ different potentials, strengthening academic and knowledge inspiration, nurturing personal interests, cultivating morality, and establishing interpersonal skills."

ECA Expo 2024 will host the "Outstanding STEAM Interdisciplinary Learning Awards Presentation," coinciding with the Education Bureau’s launch of "Primary Science" in the 2025/26 academic year. The education sector has been actively promoting STEAM education for many years, demonstrating creativity in various areas and achieving remarkable results. Concurrently, events include the "TOPick News’ Student Progress Award 2024" by Hong Kong Economic Journal, the "The 2nd Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Creative Design Competition (Hong Kong Regional) Awards Ceremony" by Sing Tao Headline, and the "Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School Model Coloring Competition Awards Ceremony." by Hong Kong Pet Trade Association Limited. ECA Expo combines entertainment and educational activities, including the Hong Kong Elf Children’s Grand Performance, interactive workshop course, and various large-scale on-site competitions, featuring over 100 exciting performances and competitions, inviting nearly 500 primary schools and kindergartens to participate. 



3 to 5 May 2024







The ECA Expo 2024, organized by the Exhibition Group, opens from today until 5 May at Hall 1CDE of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


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