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KongGold, G+D, and Payment Asia Partner to Unveil the World's First Ceramic Cold Wallet at Web3 Festival

HONG KONG, May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CeramCard, the world’s first bank-grade ceramic cold wallet, made waves at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival with its launch ceremony and attracted attention from the industry. This digital asset wallet integrates state-of-the-art ceramic materials, developed to adapt to the mobile-first habit of current users, allowing people to access and manage their digital assets via mobile phones.

The ceremony was graced by prominent figures in the industry, including Johnny Mok, SC, Mr. Xiao Wei, Managing Director of G+D, and Ms. Christine Bai, Head of Sales of G&D; Mr. Kenneth Lai, Founder of Payment Asia, and Mr. Paul Li, President of the Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association. Together, these leaders heralded the dawn of a new era in digital security and financial technology.

A partnership is formed for the launch of CeramCard. It is between G+D, a global SecurityTech company with more than 172 years of heritage; and KongGold, a company with strong legal and regulatory guidance, also providing compliance and government connection; along with Payment Asia, the first generation of payment gateway in APAC since 1999, to help build the payment ecosystem and expand its footprint worldwide.

The partnership’s technological prowess extends into the digital realm with its latest groundbreaking development — the CeramCard. It incorporates encryption technologies that secure the communication between the wallet and the blockchain or other digital asset management systems. The digital asset can be stored in an easy-to-carry card, and accessed by tapping the card on the mobile phone via NFC technology.

The user’s private key is encrypted and securely stored in chips that are similar to those used in credit cards and passports. All operations are performed in a secure, encrypted, and ring-fenced environment. This level of security is often more advanced than typical software-only wallets, which rely only on the security of the mobile. CeramCard provides multiple firewall isolation to provide users with the highest level of security.

With the introduction of the CeramCard, accessing and managing digital assets becomes as intuitive as using a credit card, but more secure. This innovation opens up the digital asset market to a broader audience, ensuring that the future of finance is inclusive and accessible to all. CeramCard will be the infrastructure for the next generation of digital asset management, and revolutionize the Web3 financial landscape.

Source : KongGold, G+D, and Payment Asia Partner to Unveil the World's First Ceramic Cold Wallet at Web3 Festival


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