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"S+ Summit cum Expo" 2024: Together We Co-create a Sustainable Society

HONG KONG, May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hong Kong is facing rapid social, economic, and environmental changes. In addition to significant challenges such as demographic shifts, economic transformation, and extreme climate, Hong Kong is also presented with development opportunities arising from technological advancements and regional integration. It requires collective efforts from all sectors of society to build a sustainable and livable Hong Kong through innovative thinking and solutions.

In light of this, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) is organizing the "S+ Summit cum Expo" from May 2nd to 3rd. With the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the event aims to promote stakeholder collaboration (Synergy), create social impact (Social Impact), and promote Hong Kong’s sustainable development (Sustainability).

Over the two days, more than 4,000 stakeholders from various sectors will participate in 25 sessions to discuss local and regional social issues. Additionally, 140 social welfare organizations, social enterprises, and impact businesses will showcase their effective solutions in response to social problems, which makes S+ the largest social services exhibition in Hong Kong.

Mr. Chris SUN, Secretary for Labour and Welfare, The Government of the HKSAR, delivered a keynote speech at the summit. He stated that the government emphasizes a people-centric approach and aims to establish a caring and inclusive society, enabling citizens to equip themselves, contribute their strengths, and share the fruits of social development. In addition to allocating resources, the government also plays a crucial role in mobilizing social resources, as demonstrated by initiatives such as the "Strive and Rise Programme" and the "Community Living Room" in supporting subdivided unit residents. These collaborations between the government, the business sector, and the community showcase the power of cooperation. Looking ahead, there is a need to strengthen data linkage, harness the potential of artificial intelligence, and develop   gerontechnology to address the challenges of the ageing population.

Mr. Bernard CHAN, Chairperson of HKCSS, stated, "Many countries and cities around the world are facing immense challenges, and Hong Kong is no exception. We are confronted with issues such as economic structural transformation, aging population, and mental health issues of citizens. Climate-related concerns, which have traditionally received less attention in the social welfare sector, are gradually becoming a focal point. With an increasing frequency of extreme weather conditions, disadvantaged groups and grassroots workers are disproportionately affected, and we must address this issue seriously. In fact, ‘society, economy, and environment’ are interrelated and cannot be addressed in isolation. Therefore, this year, HKCSS is hosting the "S+ Summit cum Expo" from a fresh perspective, using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a design framework, and exploring the future path of Hong Kong society from a holistic and co-creation perspective encompassing social, environmental, and economic dimensions."

Two other keynote speakers, Prof. Xiu-lian MA from the National Academy of Governance in the People’s Republic of China, and Ms. Louise PULFORD, Chief Executive Officer of the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) in the United Kingdom, provided a social development overview of Mainland China and the world. Furthermore, the Summit included numerous sessions covering topics such as elderly care in the Greater Bay Area, talent development, mental health, primary healthcare, and digital transformation of social services. In terms of the environment, there were discussions on the impact of extreme climate on disadvantaged groups and corresponding mitigation strategies, as well as sessions on environmental protection and waste reduction.

In response to the Government’s policy direction to turn Hong Kong to be family office and Asian philanthropic hub, HKCSS and the Financial Services Development Council will jointly organize the "Emerging Trends in Asian Philanthropy and Impact Investment: Opportunities and Challenges" Policy Dialogue / Panel Discussion to explore how to leverage the financial and economic conditions of local society to establish Hong Kong as a regional philanthropic hub.

The "S+ Summit cum Expo" will be an annual event to build a cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary platform where different stakeholders can discuss and co-create, contributing to the construction of a sustainable and livable Hong Kong.

"S+ Summit cum Expo"

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