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Vanpowers Unveils Smart E-Bikes at Sea Otter 2024

MONTEREY, Calif., May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Vanpowers, the renowned electric bicycle brand, proudly introduced its cutting-edge smart e-bikes at the Sea Otter Expo. The models were the commuter e-bike, the UrbanGlide, the all-terrain mountain e-bike, the GrandTeton, and the lightweight gravel e-bike, the UrbanCross. As a brand swiftly establishing its global presence, Vanpowers showcased its expertise to the industry and consumers at this grand event.

Sea Otter 2024


Vanpowers Unveils Smart E-Bikes at Sea Otter 2024

The Sea Otter Classic kicked off on April 18 in Monterey, California. As the world’s premier cycling festival, it attracts professional and amateur athletes and a large audience of cycling fans. The Sea Otter Expo, the largest global cycling and outdoor sports exhibition, provides Vanpowers with a platform to showcase its latest products and a crucial opportunity to connect and engage with the cycling community.

"This is a true cycling festival! We are thrilled to showcase our two upcoming models, UrbanCross and GrandTeton, at the Sea Otter Expo," said the Vanpowers team. "We also appreciate the positive feedback from the riders who tested the two e-bikes. Such feedback inspires us to enhance rider experiences continuously."

At the expo, Vanpowers’ hit model UrbanGlide and two upcoming models attracted significant attention, building on the anticipation generated since their initial unveiling at the CES in January this year.

The UrbanGlide, designed for urban commuting and leisure riding, has consistently been praised for its sleek design, superior performance, and unmatched comfort. Check out what professionals have to say about it.

The UrbanCross, a lightweight gravel e-bike, satisfies the needs of urban commuters and short-distance travelers with its streamlined frame, carbon components, and efficient power system. Many professional cyclists tested the UrbanCross at the Sea Otter Expo and praised its flexibility and long-lasting range of up to 60 miles.

The GrandTeton is an all-terrain, all-weather, all-round e-bike. With its sturdy frame and excellent off-road performance, it is poised to be the ideal choice for adventure enthusiasts. This model features a powerful 120mm travel air suspension and an efficient braking system, allowing riders to enjoy a fast and thrilling tour, whether navigating rugged mountain roads or steep descents.

In addition, the innovative core of the two new models lies in the brand’s smart system. It integrates a range of safety features, including a hub motor lock, emergency SOS, vibration detector, real-time GPS tracking, and geofencing. This is true anti-theft and security protection.

Each model represents Vanpowers’ deep understanding of e-bike technology and their commitment to continuous innovation. The UrbanGlide focuses on practicality for commuters, while the upcoming models cater to the performance-oriented needs of cycling enthusiasts, marking a significant milestone for Vanpowers in e-bike design and technological advancement.

About Vanpowers

Vanpowers is a leading electric bike company dedicated to providing customers with green, convenient, and efficient e-bikes and gears. Vanpowers focuses on cutting-edge technology, rider safety, and environmental sustainability to enable every rider to go farther with confidence. With supply chains and local warehouses across the U.S. and Europe, Vanpowers offers lightning-fast shipping, with deliveries usually taking three to seven days. For more information, please visit


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