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BLUETTI Unveils Cutting-Edge Solar Solutions for Overlanders at Overland Expo West 2024

LAS VEGAS, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ensuring ample power on overlanding adventures is crucial for keeping your fridge running and communication equipment charged. There are two key ways to do this – a portable power station/solar generator or a dual battery system. However, many find the challenges of DIY dual battery setups daunting, while all-in-one portable solar stations appear far more appealing. They can be brought along anywhere and used in rooftop tents, ground tents, or teardrop trailers. And they’re evolving to become even more capable than ever before. 

BLUETTI, a leading provider of portable power stations, is gearing up to showcase these advanced portable power solutions at the coming Overland Expo West 2024 from May 17-19, 2024. It will present an array of portable power generators, multifunctional fridges, LFP batteries, and solar panels to enhance the comfort and convenience of off-road journeys.

Overland Expo West 2024 Exhibit Details

Date: May 17-19, 2024
Location: FT. TUTHILL COUNTY PARK, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Visit Bluetti at Booth No.: P68

BLUETTI AC240 IP65-rated Water Resistant Power Generator

The AC240 has an IP65 rating, rendering it dustproof and resistant to low-pressure water jets from any angle. It’s built to thrive in challenging environments like rainy forests, sandy beaches, or arid deserts. With 2,400W pure sine wave power and 9 diverse outlets, including a NEMA TT-30 and 12V/30A RV port, the AC240 can power your rig and all your devices —from handheld electronics and cameras to fridges and cooking appliances. 

Plus, you can expand its capacity to a max of 10,136Wh with complementary B210 batteries, which also double as a water-resistant power bank. Pair the AC240 with batteries for rapid 1.1-hour AC charging at 2,400W, ensuring you’re always ready for your next journey. Or solar charge it in 2 hours at 1,200W from the sun for a constant and clean power supply wherever you go.

BLUETTI SwapSolar Ecosystem: Power and Chill for Week-long Trips

For overlanders seeking extended off-grid stays, BLUETTI offers the SwapSolar power solution, comprising the AC180T power station and the MultiCooler multifunctional fridge.

The AC180T features a removable battery design, allowing you to interchange its two B70 batteries for continuous power supply. Whether you use one or two batteries, it operates flawlessly.

Meanwhile, the MultiCooler combines ice-making, refrigeration, and freezing capabilities in one compact unit, ensuring fresh food and crystal-clear ice cubes on the move. With a 42qt (40L) capacity and a temperature range of -4°F to 68°F (-20℃ to +20℃), it can properly store all your groceries from steaks and salads to drinks and ice cream. And what’s better than a chilled beer for refreshment?

The MultiCooler accepts four charging methods: direct wall, car plug-in while making ice, or cordless charging for 3 days with one of the AC180T’s B70 batteries. With a battery and solar panels, it runs non-stop as long as the sun shines. 

It has wheels and a drawbar for effortless transport. It’s even equipped with 45°tilt protection for rough terrain. Worry about its stability in your car? The optional slider has you covered. 

Versatile Portable Solar Generators for Every Adventure

BLUETTI offers a diverse range of power stations to suit various overlanding scenarios. For longer adventures, consider the 2,048Wh AC200L and the 1,152Wh AC180. Delivering 2,400W and 1,800W respectively, they power all your outdoor essentials with ease. The 1,000W AC70 caters to those who need to pack light and charge a few mid to small appliances, like coffee makers in the wild.

The EB3A and AC2A, weighing only about 10lbs (4.6kg) and 7.9lbs (3.6kg) respectively, offer extreme portability without sacrificing power. They can accompany you anywhere, enabling you to charge electronics, cameras, projectors, and laptops on the go. Moreover, all models support solar charging, especially with BLUETTI’s efficient foldable PV panels, ensuring a steady stream of power for a seamless overlanding experience.

Join BLUETTI at the show to experience firsthand BLUETTI’s innovative solar power products and elevate your overlanding adventures. There will be interactive mini-games like darts, frisbee, and a spinning wheel lottery for a chance to win BLUETTI mystery gifts and happy hour coupons from nearby beer shops. See you there!


Committed to a sustainable future, BLUETTI provides affordable green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Through initiatives like the LAAF (Lighting An African Family) program, BLUETTI has empowered over 100,000 African families in off-grid regions. With a dedication to innovation and addressing customer needs, BLUETTI has established itself as a trusted industry leader across more than 100 countries worldwide.

CONTACT: Kate Zheng, PR Manager, BLUETTI, Email: [email protected]

Source : BLUETTI Unveils Cutting-Edge Solar Solutions for Overlanders at Overland Expo West 2024


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